Payment options at online casinos

Casinos and betting sites usually offer more than one payment option when making a deposit. We have listed some of the more common ones further down.

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To transfer money from one account to another is one of the most common things we do these days. Every time we use our debit or credit card a transfer is taking place from your account to someone else’s. The same thing happens when you are making a purchase online. As the technology evolves there will be more convenient ways to transfer money. Just a couple of years ago a bank transfer could take over seven days to complete. This would be unacceptable today.

Huge progress in the development of online payment

New markets and new ways to buy stuff online has really increased the demand for new payment options. To have security as the number one priority is really important since it is your hard earned money and you don’t want it to end up in the wrong hands. In some countries like Sweden for example, they have something called BankID, it’s a special identification that you can use almost anywhere online and you are the only one that can access that ID. It is like a government issued ID card that you can use online. In Sweden you can even use it to play casino and skip the annoying KYC procedure. All the nordic countries were very early on to adapt online banking which became the new standard early on.

Secure payment options

Debit and credit card are good and secure options when you are shopping online or in a physical store. It is the most common way to spend money in the western world today and is predicted to replace money completely in the near future. To keep your money safe when using your card you have to keep the pin code just to yourself. And keep in mind that you should only use ATMs from well known banks or sources you know, to decrease the risk of getting your card skimmed. Known card issuers are MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Eurocard, Diner’s Club and Remember.