Jackpots at online casinos

A jackpot is an extra win or opportunity to win the highest win on a slot machine. Jackpots are available in several different variants and can be in increasing amounts, fixed amounts or amounts that are built up over a long period of time.

Here you can see the biggest jackpots right now and read more about how a progressive jackpot works.

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The jackpot has for a long time been developed to become a larger amount but also how it works. From the beginning, slot machines at casinos had the highest winnings that could fall out randomly or in certain combinations. After that, slot machines at casinos could be connected and the jackpot grew together as a small part of each bet was set aside for it. In that way, large sums could be paid out. When the online business gained momentum, the same thing happened where an online slot had a big jackpot built up by all the players who played on the slot all over the world.

Jackpot is also available in other games such as lotto or horse games. When no one gets the highest payout, a large part is often set aside for the next round and in this way the jackpot is built up.

Single jackpot

A single jackpot is a win that is built on a single slot machine, slot, and is not linked to any other system. As people play the game, the jackpot increases all the time until it eventually falls out. The longer the time passes, the higher the jackpot and also the chance that it will fall out. The jackpot can in some cases also be called the highest win on a slot and which the machine pays out when a certain combination of symbols occurs.

Progressive jackpot at casinos

Casinos can connect several different slot machines in a network that together builds the value of the jackpot. It can be a certain type of slot machine that is connected and which then pays out the jackpot on a machine. If the casino has several different operating locations, the jackpot can be linked between their locations and the jackpot is then added up to a total amount.

Progressive jackpot at online casinos

There are many different slots on the market that have jackpot feature. When a player makes a bet and plays a jackpot slot, a small portion of the bet is set aside for the jackpot. It is the game maker of the jackpot slot that builds up the jackpot value and also pays out the winnings. This means that in this case the casino does not have to pay out the winnings to the player.

Often jackpot slots are divided into several different jackpots such as mini, maxi, mega and then major etc. When you play a slot and get to the jackpot function, it is often a number of reels that must end up in the right position for any of these jackpots to fall out. When all reels are correct and you also get the biggest jackpot on the last reel, you have won the big jackpot in the game.

Huge jackpots

Since many people play jackpot slots online, the jackpot amount builds up quickly and reaches incredible amounts. In the end, there will be a lucky winner who will finally get the jackpot. When the sum is built up, it also attracts many to try their luck to be able to win incredible money. In this way, more and more people play jackpot games when the sum is large and this means that the sum constantly increases at a higher speed when the interest is large.

Jackpot slots are an incredibly fun way to play slots and it gives a lot of excitement to the player. If you succeed in winning the jackpot, it is vital as you have the rest of your life financed with money precisely because of the huge sums that are paid out.

Frequently Asked Questions
How big is the world's biggest jackpot win?

At the time of writing, Microgaming's Mega Moolah is the slot machine that has paid the largest payout on a jackpot. On September 28, 2018, a lucky player won a total of 18.9 million euros.