MMA – Mixed martial arts

MMA really involves many techniques and and that is why it is called Mixed Martial Arts. Many believe that the start was through the UFC in 1993, but there were competitions earlier in this form and the oldest dates back to 1980. The UFC has made the sport known and is now a huge attraction in most countries with big prize money.

MMA is exactly what it is called, a mix of several ways to meet its opponents, punches, kicks, locking, and wrestling. Most things are allowed here, but of course you have to adhere to the rules.

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How do you compete in MMA?

Yes everything is about winning and you can do that in several ways. Since the sport contains many different techniques, these can be used to win against their opponents.

Competition forms in MMA

Several different forms of fighting against each other are allowed in MMA. It is also what makes the sport so versatile when many different participants bring different experiences from different types of martial arts.

  • Boxing is an ancient technique and one of the oldest. Here you compete with simply fighting with your hands and using gloves.
  • Ju-jutsu is from Japan and is a technology used in MMA for throwing, kicking and locking.
  • Judo focuses a lot on getting the opponent on case and locking it in
  • Karate is found in several dialects and is a widely used technology in MMA. Through its powerful punches and clear movements, it is an effective weapon within MMA.
  • Kickboxing has several variants and is widely used in MMA sports.
  • Kung Fu is a given participant in this area and there are actually hundreds of different variants of this sport. Here it fits extra well as it is fast and efficient.
  • Wrestling in all forms fits in close combat and getting the opponent on case and also locking him in.
  • TaeKwonDo fits well in this area and it originated in Korea. The fighting style of TaeKwonDo is explosive and fast, and there are many techniques right with kicks which can surprise the opponent.

By combining these different styles of martial arts, a competitor becomes very versatile and the competitions that take place show how different experiences play into winning the match.

How to win in MMA?

Winning an MMA competition is done by being superior to the other opponent. That’s what everything is all about in this sport, to beat the opponent and win in different ways. You compete in several rounds.

The easiest way to do this is by knockout, that is, the opponent simply gets knocked out by punches or kicks.

You can also win a technical knockout, which means that a referee stops the match. You can also be knocked out of the match for physical or verbal reasons. In order to produce a winner, there may also be talk of appointing someone through points. This is done by the different judges casting their vote on the athlete they think should win the match.

Here is a video clip of the top UFC knockouts:

The Octagon – the MMA arena

An MMA competition is special in itself but it is also the arena itself which is shaped like a hexagonal surface.The full size octagon, used in UFC events, has a diameter of of 30 feet (9.1 meters). On smaller MMA events the octagon diameter measures 25 feet (7.6 meters).

Around the octagon there is a net that is 1.8 meters high and there is a way that the competitors simply can not be thrown off.

MMA octagon

If you compare to boxing then you have a boxing ring that is divided by ropes between the four corners. As it goes more wildly in MMA, ropes will not suffice in this arena so they have provided it with nets. The octagon also has two doors opposite each other. The floor, that is, the tablecloth is only used once at that competition.

Entering the octagon is something special when the doors are closed. It’s like a prehistoric arena with modern influences. Trapped with an opponent where only one becomes the winner. You know what it could be like on the big arenas when the gladiators came in.

Organizations within MMA

Within MMA there are several different organizations where the largest is the UFC. Over the years that have passed, the UFC has bought other organizations and put them under its umbrella. The competitors belong to different organizations and compete for them. In the sport there is a ranking and you compete in several different weight classes at galas around the world.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

This is the largest organization and comes from the United States. Here are many of the very best practitioners.

In 1993, the first gala was held in the United States and since then the organization has grown and has since been sold to a consortium.

Thus, in today’s competitions, we meet in weight classes that correspond to each other but it was not in early matches. then heavyweights in boxing could meet lightweight in karate. The matches became violent and eventually they were banned. This meant that a set of rules was drawn up and referees controlled the matches in a regular way.

UFC weight classes

Today you compete in the following weight classes:

  • Straw Weight
  • Flyweight
  • Bantam weight
  • Spring weight
  • Lightweight
  • Welter weight
  • Medium weight
  • Light weight
  • Heavy weight

The competitions that are held are huge crowds and take place all over the world and attract all prominent competitors. They are also called a sequential number that doesn’t really matter. For example, they can be called UFC 230 and there is only one number that is constantly increasing. This is to keep track of the competition a little easier with this number.

ONE Championship

ONE Championship organizes martial arts gala and you have your business in Singapore. The organization was founded in 2011. You use your own weight class system that differs in part from it within the UFC. Over the years many galas have been performed that have also been broadcast on major channels. On average, between 7-9 galas have been carried out until 2019 and 2020 when 45-50 galas were planned.

Bellator MMA

Bellator MMA is from the US and was founded in 2008. Their event reaches over a billion people with coverage in over 160 countries. Here many of the most successful practitioners compete.

Superior Challenge

This organization is based in Sweden and organizes crowds in the Swedish market. They have been operating since 2008 and are part of Superior Group International. The galas are transmitted through the major cable networks such as Viaplay.


With the base in San Jose, USA, they started their operations in 1985 and made their way into the MMA world in 2006. Previously, kickboxing was on the schedule. In 2011, they were acquired by Zuffa LCC (UFC) and later dissolved and the athletes ended up in the UFC.

UFC Hall of Fame

Of course, there are many prominent practitioners who can now be found in the UFC Hall of Fame. Founded in 2003 in Las Vegas, the Hall of Fame is divided into the modern era and those called the pioneers and is seen as the founder and bearer of the sport to what it has become today.