Best bingo sites online

Maybe you belong to those who had played Bingo before and even screamed BINGO! The magic word when you have all the numbers in a row.

Now you can also play Bingo online on several different sites. It is enjoyable and gives an excellent sense of community. Most online bingo sites always have a chat window where you can socialize with other players while the game is in progress. Bingo does not require any significant prior knowledge. On our site we have summarized the bingo sites we think have the best experience.

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Best bingo & lotto sites in July 2021

Bingo history

Bingo is a form of lottery and is a direct descendant of the Italian lottery game “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”. This tile-based lottery game has been running almost uninterrupted in Italy since the country was united in 1530. The game plays every week. It is a state lottery that receives an annual grant of over $ 75 million.

Bingo before internet

Bingo is a social game, and before the internet, you could play at different locations and in special bingo halls. It was a fun and easy way to socialize. The game is simple and works for all ages, which is why it also quickly became popular. The bingo halls have however become fewer over the years.

When the slot machines came on a broad front, the interest in Bingo disappeared, but today it is as popular as before.

Play online

Today, there are plenty of different operators offering games on your computer or mobile. Playing online does not differ significantly from playing in real life, but there are, of course, some things that are different. Among other things, you can have many cards running and play a little faster against in a bingo hall.
In the chat room, you can talk to many different people, which you would otherwise only have done with those closest to you.

Bingo guide

The classic game is easy to play, and as we said earlier, it is suitable for all ages. You will notice when you end up in front of a card that you become focused on all numbers coming up. The excitement increases when it is so close that only one number is missing for a magical BINGO.

On the sites today there are several attractive variants of the original game. You can play with 75 numbers or 90 numbers. Here you will also find games where you shall create a pattern and some other.


Play Bingo75

This game is about 75 numbers, and when you buy the card, it also contains numbers from one to 75.
The numbers you have on the card are mixed in order. When describing rules and how it most often works, you need to control what terms apply in the game you intend to play. Usually, it is about having a horizontal row with all the numbers to get 1-line Bingo. In many games, this line can also be vertical for it to be Bingo on the first line.

In each game, there are several winnings. First, you play 1-row bingo and then 2-row and then it goes on until someone has a full house. That’s when all five lines with numbers in a field of your card are correct numbers. Then that person wins the “full house”.

How to play 90 number bingo

Bingo90 is one of the most popular games right now, and it has a slightly different design than the previously described.
In this case, you have a card with only three rows and nine columns. Numbers vary between one to 90.

So, on your card, there are nine places on each of the three rows. Some of these have numbers, but not all. Here it is just like in previous games; it’s all about getting the right numbers on these lines.
You play about 1-row , 2-row and a full house, i.e. 3-row. If you get 2-row, then the rows do not have to be together so it can be row one and row three that have Bingo.

Special games in bingo

As you will notice on the various bingo sites, you have many different variants of games that offer different types of games. Basically, many are the same, but they are called different things, the stakes are different, and they work a little differently. However, some are a bit special, and we will briefly tell you about them here.

Try playing pattern bingo

Pattern bingo is a special form of Bingo where it is about getting a pattern on your card. It is a game with 25 numbers and where you win when you take the form of an arrow with winning numbers. The arrow can be both ways. There are also variants where you should get a circle in the middle. These games can be present at different operators.

Play special bingo 75 with the chance at the lucky wheel

Some providers have games with unique features. You might find that a star replaces the central number on the card. That means you only need four numbers to get Bingo. Also, some games end by spinning a lucky wheel, and maybe you get the opportunity to open the magic chest and collect treasures.

Play boosted bingo in various forms

Bingo providers always have attractive promotions, both with different welcome bonuses but also with a little what we call boosted Bingo. Here, there are continuously different forms of boosted cards. One such variant is that when a game switches to the Gold Bingo Card. There is the chance that when you buy a regular card, that one can be a Gold card. That’s what we call boosted Bingo.
If you get a gold card and win, your winnings get doubled in the basic game. A good opportunity.

Roll-On Bingo

Roll On Bingo makes it possible to continue winning when all regular prizes have been distributed. You may think that someone else won everything, but that is not the case in Roll-On Bingo. The game continues when someone has got a full house and distributes additional full house winnings based on what is in the pot. An enjoyable feature that takes the game one step further.

In bingo you have five winning chances

We can’t talk enough for promoting Bingo, and how fun it is. With a nice community, a fun game and the opportunity to win a lot of money. The game does not end when someone has won 1-line Bingo. Even if you are behind, and did not have the correct numbers required for the first win, you are just as good for future wins. In total, you have a chance of five or more winnings on a tile. So whether you take the first prize or not, you can win future winnings on the same tile. Five winning chances will keep the tension throughout the game.

Bingo Games Jackpots

Who doesn’t like jackpots? We think everyone really loves jackpots and you will find them in the games too. Depending on the game, the jackpot varies and how it is set up. Regardless, there may be large sums that can fall out, several million on a regular bingo card. Everything is as usual about getting the correct numbers.
The jackpot falls out if you get a full house (all rows filled in a playing field on the tile) within a certain number of drawn numbers.

The tile in a 75 number bingo has 35 numbers in each game field, and there are 75 numbers laid out on it, entirely randomly.
For example, the progressive jackpot in the game can fall out if you get a full house within 45 numbers drawn.
Here are variations depending on the bet on the bingo card so check how it works where you usually play.

How to get a cash splash in Bingo

If you are interested in a cash splash, then it can happen in some games. A variant is thus a pool jackpot. When you play in a game, and another player gets a jackpot, you get a cash splash from it. 50% of the pool jackpot is distributed in cash between players in a predetermined manner. Here you can win without winning yourself.

Mini Games in Bingo

Mini-games are fun and something popular. It’s something we also call break games. When each round of Bingo starts over, it takes a few minutes. This time is for everyone to be able to buy bricks/tiles and others to join the game. In the meantime, you can have fun with some relaxing mini-games, or mini-slots. These are small slots that are inside your bingo room and that you can play directly in the room, without leaving it.

You place bets as usual, and you can choose from a large number of different slots. Here you can play slots while you wait for the next Bingo round to start.

Play mobile bingo

The simple answer here is that it works very well. When playing from your mobile, you have as good control over the game as when you are at a regular computer. Some features are not available on your mobile, but it is more about automatic purchase and session restart.
The experience of mobile bingo games is excellent, and it is fun to enjoy a bingo session when, for example, sitting on the bus or a journey on the road somewhere.

Bingo works for all ages

Maybe you think Bingo is not for you, or you think it is too advanced for you. The truth is that it is fun and it suits all ages. When you play Bingo, it is in a pleasant environment in a bingo forum where you can chat with other players and have fun. Today’s system is created based on user experience, so it is easy to guess what to do. Much is intuitive and simple and playing Bingo gives a real pleasure.

When the stakes are smaller, and you can win a lot, it’s also fun in a special way. Sure, you can buy many tiles, but there are also limits to how many you can buy.

Simple systems give you full control

Sure, you have been sitting with several bingo cards at one time and stressed about having to fill in numbers drawn, but it is not when you play online. Here you can buy 20 bingo cards but still have full control.

The most attractive tile always shows at the top left, and it tells you how many numbers missing for a win. That way, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the numbers.

You also see what the other five best have left until they have Bingo on the current next prize. For example, if you play 3-line bingo, you can see that one player missing one number, two players missing two numbers and so on. If there is only one number left, you will also see which number is missing for that player, like missing number 55.
This whole model of play makes you sit actively throughout the game and look at your tile and what the other players have that is closest to winning. Fun, exciting and a nice way to play.

Winning chances

The chance of winning is calculated based on how many tiles you have bought. Also, how many tiles that are active in the Bingo round in total. In other words, the size of the possible winnings increases depending on how many players play in the round.

Bingo lingo

In chat rooms, many abbreviations are common. To keep up, we’ve put together a small glossary that might be good to have on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is bingo a type of lottery?

Yes, Bingo is a game of chance where random numbers are drawn and players mark numbers on a printed card or brick on internet that are randomly created.

Is Bingo a difficult game to play?

No, Bingo is very easy to play and also very fun,

Why is Bingo so popular?

Maybe because the bets are low, the fun factor is high and you have the chat room together with all other players.

When was Bingo invented?

The game started in Italy at around 1530.

How many numbers is in Bingo?

It depends. In regular Bingo there is 75 numbers but it can also be 90 numbers. You can choose from various games.

Is there a jackpot in Bingo?

Yes, in some games there is also a jackpot function.