Believe it or not, basketball was invented as early as 1891 and then with the idea of ​​filling out the time that existed between the baseball and football season. The idea was to create a sport that required athletic involvement but which was without violence and tackles and that you could also practice indoors. That is the history behind basketball, and since that time a lot has happened in the sport.

Today, basketball is one of the truly great sports internationally and has its centre in the United States. Over 400 million practice basketball in the world. One reason is that the game is so easy to learn, you can play it almost anywhere, and that everyone can take part in the simple rules. Basketball is just as good to play in school, on the street or in a big arena as it is in the United States at the National Basketball Association (NBA). Here on our site, you will find out everything about basketball, and some more.

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The biggest competitions in basketball

In basketball, there are several different competitions and the ones that usually stand out most in the market are those who are from the USA and are called the NBA. Here the game is happening at a high pace, and it is very amusing to see the matches, as something exciting almost always happens. The United States is not the only country that has exciting events. There are still games in different leagues all over the world.

In Europe, there is Champions League basketball which includes games between 30 different countries, and here you play EuroBasket every year. The qualifying takes place between the 30 countries participating in the tournament.

  • NBA
  • Champions League Basketball
  • ACB

National Basketball Association, NBA

NBA is a league that includes 30 teams and plays in two divisions. It is North America’s most immense basketball and teams participate that comes from both Canada and the United States. The two divisions are called the Eastern and Western Conference. When each division is finalized the two winners meet in the big NBA finals that broadcast live.

The series has its history since 1946 and is considered the best basketball league in the world. With that, some of the absolute best-paid athletes in the world are also playing in this league. The majority of the team in the league comes from the United States.

The start of the game starts last week in October and during a season the team plays 82 games in total, half at home and a half away.
When the playoffs begin in April, the eight best teams from each conference compete for the first position. Finally, a winner stands clear in each conference and is ready for the grand final.

The final part of the series is a series of seven matches where the best of the seven will be the winner. Whoever had the best results from the game at the conference will start at their home arena. When the winner finishes in June, the winner gets its reward with the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.

Some teams have stood out a little extra, and two of them has more victories than the others. The Boston Celtics have won 17 times and close after that comes the Los Angeles Lakers with their 16 wins. The step down to third place is longer when we come to the Golden State Warriors who have won six times.

Champions League Basketball

FIBA and 11 top European teams created the Champions League Basketball League. It consists of the countries Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and Turkey.

Here, over 30 different countries meet in competitions against each other, which then results in a final.
Victo Peace Virtus Bologna were the ones who won the victory in 2018/2019 and won the 2019 BCL Trophy.


ACB is the highest league in Spain and consists of 18 different teams. The last two teams of the tournament are moved down and replaced by the top two in the underlying league.

Real Madrid is a big conqueror of wins in this league and has a total of 35 wins. On the second place, we find Barcelona with 18 wins.
This league is one of them that is one of the most attractive in the world, and many great players ranked high in the world play in this league.

Bet on basketball

When you bet on basketball, you can do it both by placing bets as usual with odds on the respective teams or on winners, that is, who will win the entire league. There are also opportunities to bet live.

Basketball is a fast sport that has rapid gameplay and just betting live is exciting and raises the adrenaline level even further. We can recommend it. Live betting works best with fast sports, as we think anyway. More rapid games bring more speed to the live bet.

You can easily follow the different leagues on the betting companies pages. The more you read about the league that interests you, the better. If you bet on having your bet well-substantiated, there is a higher chance that it will go through. You achieve that by reading more about that particular league or team.

Watch games online

Some of the betting companies stream the basketball games live if you bet on them. Then you can watch the match and also learn from the team and their tactics.

If you can’t see the match on your regular channels, you can probably watch basketball games online by connecting yourself to a sports provider that broadcasts many sports. In some cases, you will need a VPN where you connect to a particular country as these services are not available in some countries.