March Madness 2021

March Madness 2021 – Baylor is the new champion

Baylor Bears Basketball won the March Madness 2021 title

Now this year’s The Big Dance is over and a new college has written its name in the basketball heaven. Baylor Bears Basketball were truly deserving winners of this year’s NCAA Basketball Championship! Baylor also won for the first time in the school´s history, and in a truly powerful way. They won clearly over the unbeaten Gonzaga University in the final of the 2021 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.

The team from Texas led all the way in the 2021 NCAA Finals

The Baylor Bears led all the way and never gave the opposition a chance. The Baylor Bears were really on a roll and you felt that if they continued like this, they had a chance to become champions of this year’s NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. And already after the first two quarters they had a substantial advantage. They simply never let the opponents, the Gonzaga Bulldogs, into the game. But it is true that both universities had a really good March Madness 2021. In fact, the Gonzaga Bulldogs (who are from the city of Spokane in Washington) had not lost a single game until the finals. But there they had to surrender to a brilliant Baylor Bears Basketball. Some future stars there for the NBA for sure.

March Madness 2021 – only one team could make history

Both universities had a chance to write themselves into the history books for the first time during March Madness 2021. It was the second NCAA final for both teams. The Gonzaga Bulldogs, who had reached the finals two times in the last five years, now saw their chance to finally become champions. Because they hadn’t lost a single match on the way to the final. Gonzaga’s semifinal game will be one of those games that everyone remembers. A really exciting duel that had to be decided in overtime. And to top it all off, they scored the last points just as the final whistle sounded. In this way, they made it to the final and deprived one of the tournament’s favourites of a place in the final. We are talking about the mythic UCLA, an extremely prestigious university.

Baylor Bears played in their second NCAA final

Baylor Bears Basketball was making its second appearance in the finals after a drought of no less than 73 years. This university from Texas played incredibly well in March Madness 2021 and was far better than every other team it faced on the way there. The Baylor Bears thus entered the history books of the tournament with a splendid win. A title that the school will try to repeat in the coming years to become one of the great universities in American college basketball.

The next March Madness is sure to be even better

One of the things we missed the most during this year’s tournament was the crowd in the stands. This tournament creates enormous interest in the USA and the stands are usually packed. But this year the matches had very little or no audience. All because of the corona pandemic. That made March Madness 2021 lose some of its lustre. But it also means that we can be sure that next year’s tournament will be even better! With fans in the stands, it becomes a completely different atmosphere. In addition, we missed several of the “classic” universities during March Madness 2021. These are teams that normally go far in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. Some of these universities decided not to participate due to the ongoing pandemic. A number of other teams failed to qualify for March Madness 2021 in what has been a difficult year for most. Next year there will surely be no excuses at any university when the month of March approaches. And then we will be able to fully enjoy March Madness again!

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