The best online poker sites

Poker has taken the step from being a game for the most committed to now being accepted for the masses. And there are many who play. Poker is also available in many variants with different bets, and you can even play for free to avoid the technique and tactics.

The trick is to start, take one step at a time and then increase your skill. The more you play, the more experience you gain and the safer you become. Then the wins will come that strengthen you in your gambling. We take you on a poker journey all the way.

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Best poker sites in July 2021
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Online poker

We have written about casinos and their history before and poker is following the same pattern. When the internet was launched to a greater extent, casino and poker operators also got started. Initially, it was the most outspoken who played and then on a little more questionable technical solutions.

Both the speed and the transfer of money were difficult features of the game. What we today see as self-evident, to transfer money securely online, nobody could have predicted.

As speed increased on the internet and the systems became better, good opportunities for expansion were opened and both casino, poker and other card games became available to the general public. Now, poker is more available to the public and it will be a new type of game where anyone can join in a vacant place at a table.

Play poker on your mobile

The next big step was when our mobile devices got technology to handle games and a fast connection. With more storage and the faster connections, more opportunities were opened. It was with this development that the casino market and card games basically exploded.

Today, anyone with a mobile can easily connect to a casino and play poker online in a live casino with real dealers and transfer money fast and easy.

Specific vendors have developed apps for poker playing. Although you can play online at a casino in a regular browser. However some players prefers an app on their phone, which is developed just for the game.

The history of poker until today

How did poker turn out to be such a big card game? How was it played in the beginning? Where was it invented and how did it spread around the world? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this section. History is always fun, and if you are interested in poker, it might be extra fun to know a little about the background to today’s game.

The invention of poker

It is relatively certain that poker started off in the early 1800s and is believed to originate in the city of New Orleans. The city is today the largest in the state of Louisiana and is located upstream of the Mississippi River. Which has its outlet in the Gulf of Mexico. The conditions for card games in this city were probably the most suitable as there was a lot of port traffic.

Poker was played on the paddle steamers and spread naturally north along the river. As the railroad was expanded, the game spread further. The next stop was saloons with revolver duels and all the things you’ve seen on the big screen. When the Civil War broke out, poker spread even more.

Next stop – Europe

Sometime between 1850 and 1880, poker came to Europe. Before that, poker was known in virtually the entire United States and was played mainly in the big cities with big bets and pots. Maritime traffic was making its way and soon poker had established itself in Europe but the distribution in each country was, to say the least, varied.

Prohibition and countermeasures on poker

In the United States, regulations were introduced against games of this type in the early 1900s, and were simply banned from being played in public. Instead, the game was moved into secret clubs. The gangster period in the United States had large networks of gaming holes that the regime constantly sought to reveal. If you think of Las Vegas and games then you are absolutely right.

Las Vegas is located in the state of Nevada and had poker gambling and other games allowed early in its laws. This is the main reason that Las Vegas is still the major playground in the United States today. Today you can play poker and casino games in the states, but Las Vegas is still the biggest place for gaming.

Tournaments and casino games

Larger tournaments were arranged, and in 1970 the first World Series of Poker (WSOP) was played in the United States. It has been played every year ever since. Several other countries also conducted tournaments of various kinds. Today, poker has established itself as a professional cross-country game and you can play it in almost every country.

Why is poker a popular card game?

Card games have been played by man since ancient times and there were predecessors to poker that were played with fewer cards. Some of these variants are a game called bluff and another called brag. In the end, poker developed into an exciting game with great efforts and which everyone could play.

Poker is relatively easy to understand. It’s about getting the best possible hand and making the right efforts.

Understanding the game

Those who understood the game, that it was a skill game, had a great advantage over other players who wanted to try their luck. And there were many such players. In this way, many also lost their money. This is because they simply thought they would easily win but made a number of misjudgments.

Poker is easy to play but hard to master.

Another way of describing poker is that on the surface it is a complete simplicity that anyone can understand while under the surface it is a deep game, large and extremely refined.

Many who play also blame bad luck instead of lack of skill. This means that they return and play more and more to “turn around”.

Now you can have a lot of bad luck in poker games too, something called bad beats but a lot depends on how you master the game.