Ice Hockey - history and the major events

Ice hockey is a worldwide popular game, and there are many significant leagues and events in the world. The evolution of hockey is not sure. There is evidence that games took place in the 18th century in several countries. The first known game indoor was in Montreal in 1875.

Canada has had a lot to do with ice hockey, and today it is the country that hockey is most popular. A lot from today’s games is from early games in Canada.

On this page, we will give you an overview of the most significant events in the world of ice hockey.

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We guess everybody knows this game; two teams compete against each other on the ice trying to get the puck in the opponent’s goal. Games with sticks involved are familiar since a long time but ice hockey, as we know it today, has been developed during the years to be a full-contact sport with a high-intensity game.

The gameplay is fast and exciting and often played at huge arenas with lots of thrill and vibe. Injuries are common because players move fast and shoot hard. There are also fights occurring in the game, and it is not allowed. Penalties are common. Ice hockey or hockey is our time of gladiator games. It is easy to feel the electric spark in the arena when a fight occurs—the crowds like fighting and starts to cheer at those moments.

NHL – National Hockey League

National Hockey League is the absolute most popular hockey league based in North America with 31 teams, and the league will have 32 teams in 2021 when also Seattle will play. The league have both USA teams and Canada teams. As a betting consideration, this league is absolutely in the top. Full media coverage and a lot happen in every match.

NHL has two divisions where each team play 82 games from October to April. The two divisions are called the Eastern Conference and Western Conference. They play their games a little bit different, but at last, there is the big final awaiting. The most prestigious win is The Stanley Cup Trophy that the winner of the NHL playoffs will receive. Most successful teams since 1915 in HNL is Montreal Canadiens.

Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup is about winning the playoffs in NHL. There are 16 teams in the Stanley Cup playoffs where you play three rounds in best of seven games. Stanley Cup goes back as far as 1892.

Ice Hockey World Championships

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) organizes the World Hockey Championships, also called Ice Hockey World Cup. This tournament is an annual event and has a high rank with significant interest. However, some of the biggest stars in hockey is busy with the NHL playoffs. If the teams get eliminated, they will participate with their star players; otherwise, they will send players from the lower divisions. That, of course, affects the quality of the game.

Despite this, the Ice Hockey World Championships is the highest-ranked tournament.

Canada has the most medals in this championship with 50 in total, 26 gold, 15 silver and 9 bronze.

Winter Olympics

Since 1920 ice hockey has been in the Olympics. The rules and qualification have changed during the years, and from the 2010 Winter Olympics, it has 12 places. Canada has been the best team with a total of 16 medals, 9 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze.

Swedish Hockey League – SHL

Swedish Hockey League is the highest division in Swedish Ice Hockey. SHL consists of 14 teams. After the regular season, it is time for the playoffs. The six best teams are ready for the playoffs and teams with position 7th to 10th plays a separate league and the two winning teams will be added to the six.

These eight teams now play to determine which two of them will meet in a final and the winner is the Swedish Ice Hockey Champion.

The last to teams will move to the lower division Hockeyallsvenskan, and the best two teams from that division will advance to The Swedish Hockey League. Färjestads BK is the team that has made a lot of success in this league.

Champions Hockey League

Champions Hockey League is a European tournament consisting of 32 teams. Teams are qualified depending on their sports merit as CHL Champions, National Hockey League Champions and regular season winner 1st to 5th place.

A maximum of 5 teams per country is allowed.

The teams play in 4 groups with 8 teams in each. The two best teams in every group advance further to the round of 16. At last two teams face each other in the final.

The Swedish Ice Hockey team Frölunda Indians have rank number 1 in the table of all-time statistics in the Champions Hockey League. The league have had its format since the season 2014-15.

Ice Hockey terms and glossary

Here we have summarized some of the common expressions in Ice Hockey so you can keep up with the common terms and definitions.

  • Backchecking – heading back fast to the response of an attack from the other team
  • Blueliner – a defensive player
  • Boarding – checking a defenceless player
  • Check to the head – an attack directly to the opponents head
  • Checking from behind – an attack to an unaware opponent
  • Elbowing – using the elbow or forearm to attack
  • Face wash – rubbing the glove in an opponent’s face
  • Forechecking – checking in the offensive zone
  • Sudden death – first team to score a goal in overtime wins the match
  • High stick – to high up according to rules
  • Holding the stick – grabbing an opponent’s stick
  • Hooking – placing the blade against an opponent’s body to interrupt or disturb
  • Icing – when a player shoots the puck over the center and goal-line without touch, results in a faceoff in the shooter’s teams zone
  • Major penalty – 5 minutes penalty
  • Minor penalty – 2 minutes penalty
  • Misconduct – an offending player gets a penalty for 10 minutes
  • Power play – one team plays with one or more players
  • Tripping – taking out someone by taking out their feet under them
Frequently Asked Questions
What is an ice hockey puck made of?

It concist of vulcanized rubber.

How thick is the ice on a rink?

It is approximately 3/4"

How hard can you shoot a puck?

Hardest shooters make about 90 to 100 mph.

What country is the best in hockey?

Canada is the nation that has the most wins

In which countries is hockey the most popular sport?

Canada, Czech Republic, Norway, Finland, Belarus and Switzerland.

Is hockey an Olympic sport?

Yes, since 1908.