Game providers of video slots

In the market today there are lots of game providers but do you think about who delivers the game when you play a popular slot? On this page, we thought about telling a little more about this. A gaming provider is a company that delivers games to online casinos, and may even make it into land-based casinos.

The games can be slots in various forms, table games such as BlackJack, Roulette, Craps and more. There can also be live casino games where you play directly with a real dealer. Some game makers have begun to provide virtual reality environments where you can move around the casino. As you read on, you will find out about the biggest, best, and most award-winning game manufacturers. You will also get a good picture of the market and a glimpse of history.

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Games like entertainment have been around since ancient times. However, not in the forms, we think of today with several game providers. Then it was a lot of simpler games with dice or guessing games. Dices have been found in tombs in ancient China from the 12th century, so people liked to play games already then.

The history of card games nevertheless dates back to the 1300s. Historians think that the oldest game was 21, ie, today’s BlackJack. Poker got invented in the 1800s in the United States, and the slot machine was also constructed in the late 1800s, by Charles Fey. It was a simple mechanical machine with three wheels and symbols. You got a win when the Bell symbols ended up on the pay line. The slot machine then distributed the winnings in coins directly.
From here also the expression one armed bandit you may have heard. It came from that it took the player’s money, like a bandit, even though it only had one arm. It was the arm you used to start the slot machine. Many played away both family and fortune on this machine.

You probably recognize names like Cherry and Bally who were big on land-based casinos.
Well, that was a bit of history around the games and the development. From now on, we will talk about today’s game makers, and of course, there have been plenty in the market.

Slot development gained momentum with the internet

When the internet hit the market on a broad front, the opportunities for the online casino market were opened to offer their products. It was also then that the game makers began to get more air under the wings. In the early 2000s, a lot of countries began to develop broadband in the cities and was working hard to get the whole country connected. Internet was perfect for the casino suppliers, and the requirements for the game manufacturers to deliver games quickly became large.

Early game providers

The two major suppliers that started early in this market was Microgaming and NetEnt. If we look at the market today these two, after 25 years, are still some of the big giants. The casino market had some problems as the previous versions of online casinos had poor design, and money transfer was not secure. Because of this, the casino industry gained a reputation for being insecure. Eventually, online casinos became more accepted, and more people started to play online.

Development was moving fast forward with better games and optimized pages that improved the experience. Now a race started between the suppliers to have more features and better design. Several casinos launched, with a lot of focus on offering a good selection.

Slot game providers

In the online casino market today, there are a large number of gameproviders of video slots. Both large suppliers that have been on the market for a long time, but also smaller companies. Getting into the market and being successful is a major challenge. The smaller game providers must offer something special. Something that stands out or is extra good in some way, such as the design or the features.

Best casino gaming providers

Choosing a winner as the best gaming provider of slots on the market is difficult. However, there is no doubt which ones are the largest. On the throne of the online casino market today we find Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, NetEnt, RedTiger, Play’n Go, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming, Evolution Gaming, and Quickspin. Which one you think is best is probably up to you to decide.

Today, there are nearly 300 game makers in the online casino market. How do we rank game providers? Well, we do it in different ways. How many slots they have launched, how popular they are, or how many online casinos have them activated. What we also know is that there are many award-winning gaming providers on the market. They have received great prizes for their productions and progress. It also makes the slot really good. We continuously review games on our game review page and provide you with background, features and what you should think about when playing them.

Slot categories is increasing at the market

There are many different themes and categories of slot games on the market. You could say that the market has literally exploded and the game providers are working hard to find new features and more advanced games.
A large part of the slot games is the bonus game, and new game providers are investing a lot in making as good and exciting bonus games as possible. As a player, you want to activate this feature, as it can be really profitable. At the same time, you also want a great deal of entertainment and excitement. The more advanced and exciting these features are, the more fun the slot game will be to play.
h3> More game makers launch jackpot slots

Slots can be regular slots games or have a jackpot feature.
In most cases, it is a progressive jackpot that is built up and can be on several levels. It increases all the time as a smaller portion of the player’s bet adds to the jackpot at each spin. Often there are several levels on the jackpot such as Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. The winnings can be incredibly large at the most popular slot games.
One known jackpot game is the Mega Moolah that we reviewed here at Readybetwin.

Advanced features in slots from leading game makers

Competition is driving the development forward. An example of this is the Megaways feature that was launched by the game provider Big Time Gaming. The feature is available on many of their slots, which have also become very popular. In these slots, the winning combinations are huge, as many as 117,649. The slot has variable symbols that can appear with 2 or 8 symbols on each reel and several other features. If you haven’t tried Megaways slots yet, we can recommend it.