Golf - betting and major competitions

Golf is one of the oldest sports we know. The history of golf goes back as early as the 13th century. For a long time, golf has been a social sport where only the most well-off had the opportunity to play.

Over the years it has become more available to the public, which also has increased the interest for the sport.

Golf is one of the most exciting sports to bet on since anything can (and will) happen. Most bookmakers offers betting on the major competitions around the world. There are also great opportunities to find interesting odds.

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The biggest golf competitions

Major competitions are an expression of massive golf competitions. These are the most prestigious competitions each year.
On the men’s side are the most prominent competitions

  • US Masters or Masters Tournament played in April
  • PGA Championship played in May
  • US Open played in June
  • The Open played in July

Jack Nicklaus tops the list by winning 18 Major competitions, followed closely by Tiger Woods with 15.

On the women’s side, the layout of the competition is a little different as you don’t have the same setup with Majors. They may differ as the classification of the competitions are made on a different basis. The biggest ones are:

  • Force Nabisco Championship
  • US Women’s Open
  • LPGA Championship
  • Ricoh Women’s British Open
  • Evian Championship

US Masters

This competition is played at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. It is the first Major competition of the season, and this particular one is always played on this course. The prize amount is $ 11 million, and if you win, you will also wear the green club jacket for a year to come.

The course is known to be difficult to play with lots of ups and downs and many water obstacles. It puts the best golfers to the test and challenges to get through to the lowest score. Just a little too short or too long on the holes can be fatal. Therefore, extra concentration is required throughout the game.

Jack Nicklaus, who has won most Majors, is also the one who has managed this course best, where he has won the whole six times.

Exclusive for both players and audience

There are rules for who can play this competition, but the club also has the opportunity to invite unqualified players. The competition has been played here since 1934, and each hole has its name. You can say that this is a classic course.

Getting a ticket as an audience to this competition is something that can take up to 15 years. The rules for the audience are detailed, and there are many things you must not do. This is also an entirely ad-free competition. In addition to prize money and the green jacket, the winner also have to donate a golf club to the golf museum.

PGA Championship

This competition is open only to players who play on the USA tour but also some specially invited players can participate. The first time it was played was 1916 in Bronxville, New York. Every year it changes golf course, and it is usually courses on America’s east coast that comes into question.

In addition to prize money of $ 11 million, the winner also receives a permanent invitation to the tournament as well as the Players Championship for the next five years.

Most wins in this tournament are also Jack Nicklaus, who can boast of five wins. The competition is played in May, but previously it was held in August.

PGA also co-organizes the Ryder Cup.

US Open

This competition has been played since 1895 and always takes place on the third Sunday in June. The choice of courses is varied, and the prize money is about $ 12 million. In total, about 50 different golf clubs have hosted this prestigious competition.

Again, Jack Nicklaus has a total of four wins, closely followed by Tiger Woods with three wins.

The Open

The open or also called British Open is launched in July and is the last of the four competitions. The first competition was held as early as 1860 and then among professional players. This competition is always played on a links course, which means a substrate of sand from the sea. Often these paths are located along the coastline.

The prize money is around $ 10.25 million, and this is the biggest competition in Europe every year. Those who can play this competition are the players that are ranked on the official Golf ranking list. Then there is also a qualification from different regions.

Harry Vardon has a total of six wins. In 2018 Francesco Molinari won, and Italy got a winner for the first time in this competition.

Bobby Jones is the only player to win the Golf Grand Slam

Betting on golf

Of course, you can bet and find attractive odds at these exciting events. Worth mentioning is that there are many events besides the big competitions where you can find attractive odds and opportunities to increase your bankroll.

Systematic odds work gives results in golf

You can find attractive odds on golf. The biggest competitions get monitored most and intensely. You need to use systematic betting when you bet on golf.

Review all players and find out their odds. Who is in each competition and what statistics each player has. If you follow a pattern for how you place your bets, you will see more clearly how the outcome can be.

The more you work systematically and carefully, the more substantiated your odds will be.

Reading suggestions

We have many guides on betting and especially one that is about becoming a successful player.
You can also live bet at some of our betting companies which can be quite interesting. Live betting works well on golf as things don’t happen as fast.

Live betting for more excitement

If you follow the competition with someone who broadcasts it or on a streaming service, you can see how it develops and if it is conceivable that some players take the next hole in pairs. There are opportunities here, and it is also something that gives a little more excitement to the competition.

If you place a bet on the winner or a live bet, something magical happens. You find yourself in the middle of the competition instead of watching the game. Every occurrence now becomes essential and can change the outcome — something we recommend you to try.

Find the best odds on golf

Yes, what are the best odds? As you know, the popular players often have low odds as many of the operators see ahead of them that they will take home the winnings. Here you need to work more and find possible interesting start-ups who have better odds but still great opportunities to challenge. It is on these that you can earn extra income if you know how they usually play and if the course suits them.

Watch golf on live TV

The golf competitions broadcast through different streaming partners. Many of the major events cover everything in detail, and if you have a supplier like Cmore, Viaplay, or Dazn you will probably be able to see these. We cooperate with most and have special offers that you can use to subscribe to both long and short subscriptions.

As a complement, you may need a VPN solution where you can easily connect to another country or to place your bets most securely. One that we use is NordVPN, one of the best on the market. With us, you get special prices on different subscriptions, so check out our offers.

The history of Golf

The history of golf is long and the development of the sport is really fascinating. We will take you through history from the very beginning until today.

Scotland  – the home of golf

If you think about golf, it is probably Scotland that comes up as the country where it all began. Scotland is likely to have played a major role in the development of golf. But both China and the Netherlands are also mentioned as the country of origin.

What country it was that from the beginning, we would probably never find out. There may also have been many variants close to golf. What we do know, however, is that Scotland has had a finger in the game, partly by developing the golf course and taking it further into the world. The oldest golf course, named Musselburgh Old Course Golf Club, dates back to 1672 and is located in Scotland.

Courses and equipment were refined

Of course, with today’s dimensions, these courses were more like a nature trail than a real golf course, but over time the sport evolved, and both courses and clubs got refined. Initially, only wooden clubs were used. Eventually steel shaft clubs were introduced in the beginning of the 20th century.

The same journey the ball had when they started with simple wooden balls that later switched to spring-filled balls and then a version of the rubber-coated ball.

Rules start to be coordinated

At this time, there were no common rules between the countries, and the interpretations were quite free. What was obvious in one country was not right elsewhere. For example, rules for the attachment of the clubhead were different in the US and England.

Coburn Haskell from Ohio, USA, launched a brand new ball with a liquid-filled rubber core. At this time, golf was still a sport for the rich, and ordinary people did not have the opportunity to try this sport.

A dentist with name Haskell presented a liquid-filled golf ball

More golf courses are being built worldwide

Between 1920 and 1930, construction began both in the United States, England, and the rest of Europe, and you can say that the golf got a proper swing forward. Bobby Jones was a big name during those years and a great successful player. In seven years, he won 13 majors and is the only one to win the Golf Grand Slam. He also created one of the world’s best golf courses, the Augusta Nationals, and started The Masters, which plays on that course every year.

Development is gaining momentum for golf

Steel clubs are launched, and equipment is improved. Dunlop also launches a brand new golf ball that becomes the standard. In 1954 United States broadcasts the US Open live on TV, which means that golf is now coming out in the living rooms of many people, and interest is increasing. President Eisenhower was also an avid president and built a practice site directly at the White House, and in this way, golf got even more media interest. During this period, the construction of the courses also develops to create high quality. Now you could build tracks virtually anywhere.