Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is a golf team competition for men and is played between teams from Europe and the USA. The competition is played every two years and alternates between courses in Europe and the USA. The competition is named after the English businessman Samuel Ryder. Here you will find news, odds and information about betting on the Ryder Cup.

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In terms of competition form, the Ryder Cup is a very interesting event where two star-studded teams meet. The first time this competition was held was in 1927, but matches were already played before. Since then, the competition has been held virtually every year with breaks for some world-influential events. The competition attracts a lot of interest every year in terms of media and also interesting players can be seen as there is room for each team captain to choose a number of players on their own initiative.

Ryder Cup history

The Ryder Cup came about after a few games were played unofficially. The event occurred in 1921 and in 1926 and it was Great Britain and the United States that met in this cup form.

The name of the competition

The one who really started the Ryder Cup was Samuel Ryder, hence the name. Samuel was on site to see his friend play golf and had through his mail order company sponsored several golf competitions and was also involved in the edition in 1926. Samuel took a liking to the form of competition thought this had to be repeated. That said, Samuel set up the first official competition held in 1927 in Massachusetts and with the same opponent as before.

Golf spectators

The Ryder Cup is played every two years and thus began with uneven years. In the first years, profits shifted between Britain and the United States, and in 1933, the British withdrew again. Then, however, it was a full 24 years with a dominance of the United States before the British won in 1957. The United States then continued to dominate until 1977 when they also included Europe in the British team, and that is the form of the game even today.

As time went on, Europe became more qualified and from 1985, Europe is the team that has won the most. If you look at the whole during all the years that the Ryder Cup has been played, the USA has a significantly higher number of wins than Europe and it will take a good while before you catch up.

Current odds for tournament winners in Ryder Cup 2021

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Forms of play in the Ryder Cup

In the Ryder Cup, you play in different forms of play and then add up points. That way, the competition becomes flexible and challenging when the points are constantly added up. The Ryder Cup is played over three days.

Match betting

In this part, all players are participants in the game. You simply get the win on the hole if you have the lowest score. You continue playing until the opponent can not win, or split the match.


Games in the form of two-man teams and in this form you beat every other stroke. Usually four matches take place over two days in the Ryder Cup.

Four Ball

You play in the form of a two-man team and both in the team play on their own ball. When each hole is ready, write down the best result. Here you also play four matches for two days.

Game days and points

The first two days are Foursome and Fourball and during these days you have time for a total of eight matches. On the last day, 12 matches are played

Each match played is worth one point, but should there be a draw, half a point will be awarded. The Ryder Cup lasts until a team has reached 14.5 points.

Over the years, only a few matches have ended in a draw. This happened in 1969 and 1989. In cases like this, the holder of the trophy may keep it.

Players and qualification for the Ryder Cup

Each team contains 12 players and for each time the competition is played, a team leader is appointed for each team.

Who is allowed to play varies depending on whether it is the USA or Europe.

For the USA, the selection of eight players takes place by compiling the points from the last two years’ competitions. Larger competitions such as majors weigh heavier in the selection process that exists. The team captain can then select another four players completely at his own discretion and who he thinks fit into the team building with the previous eight.

The European team has a different set and is composed of the world rankings for the four best players. These have a given place. Another four players come from the Order of Merit which is a ranking list for the Pro Golf Tour. Just like in the USA team, the team captain also has the opportunity to choose four more players who will support the team building in the best way.