Free bets

You can almost guess from the word “free bet” that it’s something you get for free. Free is always good but is it as good as it sounds? And what should you keep in mind when taking a free bet? We will find out in this short text so read through it and you will have a look at the situation when an offer pops up!

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How does it work?

If you like sports then free bets can be really interesting if you only have the rules. In short, this means that you have the opportunity to place a bet that is completely free. It can be linked to a league or a special match. It can also be linked to a special section at the bookmakers site. For example, if you have a betting section or something similar where players post matches or game.

Can it be considered as a bonus?

A free bet is classified as a bonus and it comes with conditions so these you must keep track of. We always recommend that you read the terms for each bonus so take the habit of reading them. There are both wager free bets on the market and those that have wagering requirements.

Will I get the money back if I lose?

Yes you may. It is a risk-free bet you can place on the match for which it applies. For example, if you bet $ 200 on the home team to win and have a free bet offer and the opposing team instead wins, the money will be put back into your account.

What happens if I win?

If you win, the operator will usually deduct the winnings on your bet against the cost of the game. This is a bit different so it is always important to check the rules and conditions. An example can show that you get a free bet of €5. You place it on the match and the winnings will be €15. The operator deducts €5 which was the offer and remains €10 in your account.

Are free bets any good?

Yes, we think it is a good type of bonus if it suits your preferences. If it is the right team and you are willing to bet and feel that you are in control of the team, this may be a good fit. Since it is risk-free, you can be sure to get your bet back if this bet does not go as you intended.

Where do I find offers like this?

These offers are constantly coming from different operators and are also aimed at new customers. You can always look at our promotional page with attractive and up-to-date offers for both boosted odds, casino specials and various contests.