PGA tour continues without an audience

PGA tour continues without an audience

It is now clear that the remaining competitions in the PGA Tour this year will also be played without an audience, due to the spread of Covid-19 in the United States.

The competitions that have been carried out so far during the season have also been played without an audience, but the organizer has had the hope that the competitions could be carried out with an audience in the final games. That was not the case and the message that is definitive means that no audience will be allowed.

The season for the PGA Tour has been shortened and the grand finale will be held at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta on September 4-7.

A decision with a based on health

It is emphasized that the decision to play without an audience has been made in consultation with local and state agencies as well as health care. It is important for the organizers to focus on the health of all people and not expose anyone to risks but ensure that everyone is in good health.

Race director Allison Fillmore announces in a press release that decisions of this type are never easy but that it is in the best interests of everyone involved and to focus on safety. At the same time, Allison would like to thank the City of Atlanta and their cooperation for making the most of the competition and the opportunities that exist for a good implementation.

The PGA Tour’s remaining events will be broadcasted on TV

During the PGA Tour’s remaining events, the world’s 30 best players will reclaim the title and through live TV broadcasts, the entire event will be covered in the smallest detail. At the same time, they are raising money for the East Lake Foundation. Every year, a portion of each ticket proceeds goes back to the organization that works with the East Lake Foundation and this year they launch new opportunities to raise money online instead.

By letting fans donate money online, they ensure that they reach the organizations that are connected to the PGA Tour and the event in Atlanta, where everything will be decided.

These organizations are:

  • East Lake Foundation
  • Purpose Built Schools Atlanta
  • Grove Park Foundation and First Tee® of Metro Atlanta

Allison hopes that fans understand the importance of helping organizations reach their goals and that the audience now instead makes contributions online. In combination with this, they will also launch a virtual guide for fans that allows the audience to take an active part in the competition.

The PGA Tour’s remaining events lasts four days

The first exciting round of this competition begins on Friday the 4th of September and it is a weekend full of exciting golf that we will watch from the living room. But it is not the end there as the final will be broadcast on Monday 7th of September. Simply four days full of the best of golf is what we can look forward to.

Maybe this year they will focus more on making the experience even more interactive. The pandemic has placed great demands on the population all over the world, but also opened up new opportunities to take part in online events and to interact in a different way. It will be exciting to see what these days of live broadcasting will mean.

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