NolimitCity – Game provider

Meet Nolimit City that launched their first slot game Creepy Carnival in the mid 2015. Since then they have been working for about a year to complete their gaming platform. The business had a soft launch in 2013 with only a few employees. From that the company have grown to more than 30 persons. “NolimitCity was born out of frustration!”, which is directed to how stiff the providers were when the founders were working at ComeOn.

Being a newcomer in this gaming industry is difficult and you have to deliver something spectacular to get noticed by the larger crowds. Getting into the big game providers that are established requires great efforts and good opportunities to be able to deliver quality products that have that little extra.

NolimitCity has a clear focus to be the one delivering high quality games instead of large quantities of half-bad ones. That way they win some extra land every time they release a game and players at casinos appreciate new features and attractive games that deliver a little extra.

Nolimit City has their roots in ComeOn

The founders of the company have a history from ComeOn and was a bit frustrated that the available games on the market were not better built. So they founded Nolimit City, which is a very good name that speaks a lot about how they want to build their business. Their first game was called Creepy Carnival and was released in 2015. The plans are now to launch about 8-10 new games over a 12 month period. Of course, it requires to run development in the tech area.

Facing big challenges

A big challenge now is to focus on increasing their presence with the major operators and ensuring that more casinos will have Nolimit City’s games in their range. Clearly, it will be exciting to follow new releases of games from this manufacturer and it will be interesting to see how to take the iGaming Business another step forward.

Nolimit City has a clear focus and is constantly increasing its game selection

The game range at NolimitCity is when we write this 12 games. When we try them out we can directly feel that they have a high quality which is very appreciated. Of course it is better with less games that have a higher quality than many games with low quality. They win ground for every game they launch.  A look in their roadmap for 2019 shows 12 new games. The production line here seems to be very effective. If they keep up this pace we are sure they will soon have a big portfolio.

Preliminary planned slot games during 2019

  • Fruits – January 2019
  • Owls – February 2019
  • Star Struck – March 2019
  • Tombstone – May 2019
  • Mayan Magic – June 2019
  • Tractor Beam – 2 July 2019
  • Thor: Hammer Time – 1 Aug 2019
  • Hot 4 cash! –  15 Aug 2019
  • Pixies vs Pirates – 3 Sep 2019
  • Manhattan Goes Wild – 2 Oct 2019
  • Tomb Of Nefertiti  – 5 Nov 2019
  • Dragon Tribe – Dec 2019
  • Poison Eve – Jan 2020
  • Atomic Arcade – Jan 2020

The future plans for NolimitCity, that has no limits, is to increase sales and agreements with operators. Since the start of the company they have continuously signed new agreements. The technical base and the design is something that is a primary goal. They are focusing on taking the slot games and the platform to another level within the iGaming business.

The slot games is nicely built with controls and functions in good spots. This makes the spins and the game play more intuitive and you will notice that the games are well designed. The effects and functionality stands out. Many nice functions and characteristics makes the slot games a little bit extra.

Production with the details in mind

With a state of the art technical base in the gaming platform the experience gets better. Nolimit’s slots is produced with all the details in mind, is stable and fast. The coding is done in HTML5 which makes it transparent on all units and screens. You will notice that whether you play on the desktop or mobile unit the slot games will be optimized. For operators the games will be easy to integrate. That will keep the lead times down from agreement to get published.

NolimitCity is ready for the future and we are convinced that they will launch more quality based slot games in the nearest future and keep their focus on taking the game play to a higher level in the iGaming market.

Slots from NolimitCity