Visa – Payment option

Visa is a trusted issuer of debit and credit cards and began its business in 1958 when the first card was issued, but as late as 1970 the name VISA was registered. It’s a popular payment option both offline and online.

Today, there are about 2.5 million active VISA cards in the world, and more than 110 billion transactions per year. The card is valid in more than 200 countries of the world. The new cards have contactless transfer which means you don’t have to swipe or insert the card in a card reader.

Connect your VISA card to ApplePay

You can also pay with your phone and get the transaction approved directly for smaller purchases. You can also insert your card into the Apple Pay app or Samung Pay which allows you to easily use that feature when it’s time to pay. Then just select the right card in the app and the transaction will work as safely as if you had the physical card.

VISA cards are a safe payment option and you can apply for cards with several financial institutions or companies. Displaying the symbol on the card shows that it is connected to VISA’s card transactions system worldwide and shows that the card is operational.

Since VISA has the technology to redeem transactions, several companies can offer their customers their own designed card with just VISA affiliation and then do not have to make sure that the card will work in every place, that part has VISA taken care of.

When you swipe your card in a store, encrypted information is sent to VISA and then to the card issuer where you have your account. If everything looks good, the answer is sent back to VISA and then to the store or online shop and the money is drawn from the card.

This whole transaction is encrypted. When shopping online also includes buying protection and it varies from country to country how the terms look but it is a consumer protection that protects you from missing goods or that you would be skimmed and someone uses your card details. The protection for you as a consumer is good and you can be safe when using a VISA card.