Skrill – Payment option

Skrill is an e-wallet, or e-wallet formerly called Monebookers and was founded in 2001. The solution allows you to quickly and easily transfer money to your Skrill account and also withdraw them at the casinos or iGaming operators that offer the service. And virtually everyone does…

One of the most common payment methods in a casino

Skrill is very established in the gaming world. This is probably the most used payment option to transfer money in this context. The only thing you need to make a transfer is your username and password. You do not have to keep up with any credit cards and deposit with the casino operator.

Skrill replaces all these parts and your credit cards are never exposed to the casino or the web service where you are going to trade anything. This is very safe when you have full control of your money and the transactions that take place.

Easy to connect different cards

Getting money into your Skrill account is easy, you can add regular cards to the app and top up with any amounts. These card numbers are never exposed and Skrill is a secure app. Sending money between friends and acquaintances is very easy with Skrill. You just select the person in your contact list and you immediately see if that person has Skrill. Enter the amount and any message and send. The person has the money directly on his/hers Skrill account.

To the Skrill account, you can connect a debit card that you can use as usual in stores, and the money will be deducted from the Skrill account as usual. You can also use the card to withdraw money in ATM / ATM machine.

Skrill has several different subscriptions and levels and depending on the monthly cost and services you want, more benefits will come. For example, a higher level and monthly cost means that the charges when you withdraw into the ATM will fall or disappear completely and the amount you can withdraw per week will increase. You can simply customize your Skrill to the level you need it.