PayPal – Payment option

PayPal is a service where you can pay securely over the net without disclosing any details of your card details. Today, about 200 million active PayPal accounts are located in over 200 markets worldwide, making PayPal one of the global major payment options.

The company has been operating since 1998 and has developed its services further to provide users with more flexible and efficient solutions since. The idea is simple. You register an account on their website and then add your payment details. It can be credit cards, bank cards or connections to bank account.

Connect your credit card

Whenever you shop online or transfer money to a casino or a betting site, you just enter your PayPal account details and agree to the payment. The money is transferred from your PayPal account by debiting your connected credit card or bank account. This means that you can make purchases safely and efficient without exposing your payment details.

Eliminate risks

This is especially good when you shop on several different sites and then eventually do not know where you put your card. With PayPal, these risks are eliminated and your card is never exposed. PayPal also has other services that become available to you where you can easily transfer money to other friends worldwide who have PayPal accounts or that you can “ask for money” from your friends.

For example, if you both have a PayPal account and you pay for a product or service then you can ask for that amount to your friend’s account directly over PayPal. Using secure services when shopping online is important as otherwise you risk experiencing a situation where someone uses your credit card to pay in someone else’s name.

Using PayPal is a good service that further raises the level of security and allows you to trade easily and safely from all over the world’s websites or transfer money to casinos safely.