Zimpler – Payment option

Zimpler is a really neat payment option that grows a lot and it comes from Sweden. The service is delivered by Zimpler AB and it specializes in managing payments within the gaming market.

New ideas and features pops up all the time from Zimpler when they can see the need for them. This makes Zimpler a very safe and efficient payment option. The processing itself is secure so payments cannot disappear and no one can access the data.

Start by downloading the app

To start using Zimpler, just download the app to your mobile device, and then enter your mobile number. After that, you will receive a verification code via text message. Now your account is created.

In the app you can enter credit cards for Zimpler to transfer money from. Everything is very user-friendly and if you are going to make a payment on a casino site you simply choose Zimpler as a payment method and enter your mobile number.

You will then receive a code sent to you which you enter in the payment at checkout. Then you choose which payment method you want to use that you have posted in the Zimpler app as well as the amount. Confirm and then it’s done. Very simple and smooth.

Only enter your mobile number

This way it’s easy to never expose your debit or credit cards as the cards are inside the Zimpler app. The only thing you enter on the casino site or the betting site is your mobile number. That way, it’s also very easy as you don’t have to remember tricky usernames and passwords to be able to transfer money.

Moving in and out money to Zimpler can be done in several ways and you are constantly expanding Zimpler to be able to manage more payment methods and make the system even safer and smoother.

In the app, you can also set a budget so that you can keep track on how you spend your money. You can also transfer money from Zimpler to your bank account within 2 minutes. Zimpler makes it zimple and easy.