American Express

American Express – Payment option

American Express is a debit card that is available as debet or credit card. American Express is a well-known and reliable payment option and has a long history behind it.

The group was founded in 1850 in the United States and is the world’s largest card and travel company. American Express has approximately 113 million cards that are active spread all over the world and the card is highly viable.

Different card levels

The card is available in several different levels and the highest is called Centurion. As a means of payment, a credit card is very good as it can be easily used without needing cash and it is also a safe way to pay for what you buy. When you pay online, most internet services and casinos have links to paying with credit cards and then you will also be able to use your American Express to safely transfer money.

With this card you can collect points on everything you buy. If you use the card frequently, there can be a lot of points at the end of the month. And by the end of the year you will notice that you have collected a lot of points that you can spend in different ways. Depending on which card or level you have, you can use the points for different things.

American Express may also be linked to various travel companies where you apply for the card through the travel company itself. It is popular to have this card through different airlines and American Express has collaborations with several different airlines all over the world. When you pay your trip with your American Express or purchase other goods and services, you collect points that you can then use for discounts on air travel.

You can also pay on cooperative hotel chains with your points for overnight stays. With some of the cards, different priority passes are also included where you can effectively get past check-in queues, security checks and have free access to airport lounges worldwide. Clearly a very viable card in all countries.