Sofort – Payment option

Sofort is a popular payment option that allows you to make quick and easy payment on all your online purchases using your bank details. Sofort is owned by Klarna since 2014.

This is a service that allows you to trade on online or pay for services as well as transfer money to casino or betting sites without exposing your credit card or payment details.

Popular in Germany

Sofort is popular in Germany and is one of the great services for this particular purpose. When shopping online or transfer money, use your Sofort account with your details to carry out the transaction. All the information behind the transaction is secure and cannot be seen by third parties, i.e. the internet merchant or the employees of Sofort.

High security

The seal of data is 100% safe. Thus, your PIN code and the transaction number (TAN) sent are completely invisible. Once you log in to the app to pay or transfer money, you are always on the safe side of the payment. You enter the data, and then confirm your purchase with your codes.

The person you are buying from receives a confirmation directly that the money has been transferred and they can directly send the goods you ordered. In the case of online games such as casino, betting, poker or lotto and others, the procedure is the same.

As soon as the operator receives the message from Sofort that the real-time transaction confirmation is complete, you can use the money to play. A confirmation is added to your app and your data is aggregated so you can see the charged cost along with the one you purchased or transferred money to.

The system is very secure and allows you to trade products and services online from around the world without in any way revealing or exposing your credit cards, bank details or other PIN codes. If you are going to play at a casino, it may be good to check that they have Sofort as a transfer option / payment method.

Many casinos and sports betting operators have this and you will find that information usually under each operators questions and answers section.