PaySafeCard – Payment option

Paysafecard is a payment option you can use to pay for services online. The solution is based on coupons (vouchers) you buy at points of sale.

Paysafecard is currently available at over 600,000 outlets worldwide and it is easy to buy a prepaid “card” or coupon as it is actually called. You choose between several different amounts that you get the coupon on.

Use it like an ordinary debit card

On the coupon you’ll find a 16 digit number and an associated pin code. Using this paysafecard coupon, you can then pay for services on the internet or deposit the money on an iGaming site such as a casino or a betting site.

Coupons of this kind can be useful to use when it is fixed amounts. For example you can use them when you have decided to play for a certain amount of money and then it becomes more difficult to get a coupon. These solutions are also good if you give vouchers to your children in the family who might pay for monthly expenses..

The coupons solve the problem of not giving out their credit card details but also that the amounts are limited. If you deposit your credit card into a children’s game portal, you will get significantly worse control of what will be purchased and you can easily lose control of how much has been spent.

Download the Paysafecard app

Paysafecard also has an app where you can redeem and manage your coupons, and see the purchases you have made. You can also attach a debit card to Paysafecard and use the card against the money that is on your Paysafecard balance. If you need to refill quickly or buy more codes, you can do it online through a service called epin. It’s like an online purchase of these vouchers and is an easy way to avoid going to a point of sale.