Mastercard – Payment option

Mastercard has been on the market for over 50 years and is truly one of the major players. Maybe you also have heard of Maestro which is the same affiliation though that card is directly linked to your bank account without credit.

Security solution Masterpass

Mastercard also has its own security solution called Masterpass where you verify the card purchase with BankID or similar. You can add more cards than your Mastercard to Masterpass to achieve even higher security. Masterpass was introduced to the market in 2013. Mastercard has received several major awards over the years for outstanding technology development and they are also on the Fortune500 list.

The card itself is distributed through several different financial institutions and what you actually get when acquiring a Mastercard is a connection with the organization’s redemption points and their security. There are many different card issuers on the market like airlines, department stores and petrol stations where you have an reward system with a connected credit card.

In most cases these types of cards have connection to Mastercard. In that way, many different companies can issue their own cards with Mastercard connection. The card is one of the most viable in the world and you can pay with it almost anywhere.

Offline payments

When you use it in a store, the payment device sends encrypted information to Mastercard asking the card issuer whether the payment should go through. After that, the information is sent back to Mastercard and then to the store. If the transaction is approved, the card will be charged and the purchase is carried out. Everything encrypted. In this situation, verify yourself with your PIN code attached to the card.

Online payments

If you shop online, you use Masterpass as verification that it is really you who is making the purchase. When you use your card to transfer money to casino or betting sites, it works the same way, you transfer amounts with your card and you then get to verify yourself through Masterpass.

Paying with the payment option Mastercard today is very easy and all gaming operators have virtual payments they receive by credit card. Therefore, you can be very sure that this method of payment is viable.