EcoPayz – Payment option

ecoPayz is a payment option which you can use to pay for your services or products you buy without having to expose your credit card online. The company has been operating since the year 2000 and has developed its services all the time since then.

Pay online and offline

Today, the company have services where you have an account and pay online for what you buy or want to transfer money to but you can also acquire a regular debit card to the service. This way, you can pay in ordinary shops or withdraw money from an ATM without exposing your usual credit cards.

Other benefits with ecoPayz are that you can send money to other people all over the world and the only thing they need is an account with ecoPayz. The company has several different levels with different pricing, depending on the services you wish to use. However, creating an account and starting to use the service is completely free.

Dowload the ecoPayz-app

The service itself is simple and once you register and download the app you have full control over where you spend money. The service is available at a large number of casinos. Just enter your ecoPayz details into the payment section and verify your transfer. That way, you can easily play at more casinos without being concerned that you have your details to your credit card scattered in several places.

Here your credit card is safely located at ecoPayz. You can even transfer money to ecoPayz using bank transfer. Looking to use the service you should check that the casinos you have been planning to play at offer ecoPayz. Many casinos today offer just this service.

Like any payment option today, you will need to verify your account at ecoPayz but it is a simple process and once you complete it you have a verified account and can easily transfer money where you want to play.