Apple Pay

Apple Pay – Payment option

Apple Pay is a very smooth and card-less payment option that was launched in 2014 by Apple. To use Apple Pay, all you need is an Apple device.

Connect your favourite card of choice

You enter your favourite cards details into the app and you are good to go. Now u can easily use your apple device for payments. The connected card will be charged through the app without having to bring your wallet.

Have you ever lost your wallet and wished you could give it a call? Now you can! Apple Pay is very easy to use and once you have entered the cards that you wish to keep in your Apple Wallet, it is super easy to use wherever Apple Pay is accepted.

If you see the Apple symbol on the card reader or that it accepts contactless payments, Apple Pay is accepted. Today almost every card reader accepts contactless payments, so you can expect it to work in most places. To complete the payment, hold the phone against the card reader and verify the payment with FaceID or fingerprint, depending on the device you have.

Secure verification process

The verification process is very secure since there is no PIN number to get lost or stolen by someone who sneaks over your shoulder. Of course, Apple Pay also works online and helps you make your online transactions extra safe. You can easily use it from your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Each transaction made with Apple Pay are done through Apple and they generate a unique transaction number for each payment instead of using your regular card number. This way, your card can not be skimmed, and makes it safer than paying with your physical card. If your friends and family also have Apple Pay, you can send money to each other in no time, absolutely free of charge. It is not more difficult than sending an ordinary text message.