Trustly – Payment option

Trustly is a payment handler, who handles the money between the place where you buy an item or service and your bank. The money you use is drawn directly from your bank account. Trustly was established back in 2008 and is now available in 29 countries in Europe.

In each country, Trustly have agreements with the local banks for that country and manages the pairing and secure transactions. Trustly is easy to use and when you pay at the cashier at an online store or transfer money to a casino or betting site or any other gambling-related activity in iGaming you can choose to do so with Trustly.

Connects directly your bank account

You select your bank from the list and then log in using your preferred verification method and then select the account from which the money should be deducted. You sign the payment and then the transaction is complete. The connection is encrypted and Trustly holds a European payment license.

To use the service, you do not need to register, this management is done completely automatically. The payment process is secure and there is no one else who can access the money you are transferring. Simplicity is important and that is also what Trustly has focused on.

More and more solutions are being introduced to the market where you do not need an account to play, for example, at a casino. In that case, you identify yourself with some bank-related security such as BankID that exists in Sweden. With that, the Trustly service is also a given payment option because it is already connected both with the bank (your bank account) and the verification process itself to log in to the gaming site.

Faster deposits and withdrawals

With many of the new solutions with Pay n Play, BankID and Trustly are given elements because transfers are made safely and money that is on your account with the casino company when you log out is also left when you re-log in. This manages the BankID function.

When you withdraw your winnings, they are sent through Trustly back to your account that is already pre-selected and verified. Simple and smart.