EntroPay – Payment option

Entropay is a payment option that gives you access to virtual debit cards online. This is a very safe way for you to pay online.

Physical card

You can also get a physical card sent to you if you intend to use the card in regular stores and not just online. This card works just like a regular debit card, only that it is extra safe and you do not have the risks of being exposed as with your regular card.

The physical cards are available in some of the largest currencies such as GBP, EUR and USD. As you don’t have to pay with your regular card linked to your bank, you also don’t have to worry about the card being skimmed and suffer a dull loss of money from your account.

The transactions will not be visible on your bank statement, so if you prefer to make a little more private transactions, this is a perfect solution for you. At Entropay it is easy to create an account, and once you have created an account, it is even easier to top up your virtual card with money.

To top up your virtual or physical card costs only 1% of the transfer, which is cheap way to move money. Of course, creating an account is free. Transfers between Entropay accounts are completely free and incredibly fast, up to 8600 times faster than a normal bank transfer.

Of course, you can also transfer to a regular bank account. At Entropay you can use 120 different currencies, which is very convenient if you, for example, trade from a foreign internet shop. Entropay’s website is very stylish and makes it easy for you to understand what they offer.

There is also a very detailed FAQ where you can find answers to most questions. This makes it very easy to use Entropay.