Wagering terms and how they work

Who doesn’t love a wager free bonus? Wagering is a well known term when it comes to online casino. It is often connected with the welcome bonus or offer. To explain what and why there is a wagering requirement is a complex task but we can give you the short version.

Since the casino is giving away a piece of their profit they want to set restrictions to it. One of these restrictions is the wagering requirement. It means that you will have to spend the received amount a certain number of times.

Yet there are casinos offering a wager free bonus. This means no restrictions whatsoever and the received bonus is all yours.

How does a wagering requirement work?

Not all bonuses are wager free. Welcome offers are often attractive and should give a good start at the casino.  Casinos compete with each other to offer as attractive bonuses as possible.

Let’s say you are depositing €10 and then get 100% bonus up to €10. This means that if you deposit €10 of your own money, you will also receive €10 in bonus money. In total, you now have €20 to play with. We assume that the wagering requirement is 30 times (30x) on this bonus. You are lucky enough to win €1,500 on a slot machine by betting €10.

Before you can withdraw your winnings, you must meet the wagering requirements. In your case this means that you have to spend €300. You have already played for €10 of your bonus money and now you need to bet €290 more. This time you don’t win anything which leaves you with €1,210 that you now can withdraw at any time.

Different slots contribute differently to the turnover requirements

Worth noticing is that different slots contribute differently to the turnover requirement. You should be aware of this. If you play at slot X with €100, then that slot from that particular manufacturer may contribute 70% to the wagering requirement. Then you have really only played for €70 in reduction of your turnover requirement. This applies to different percentages for different departments at the casino. For instance table games and live casino have other percentages that contribute to the wagering requirement.

There might be exceptions

Some casinos have separate rules that applies to the welcome bonus. For instance some casinos only pay out a maximum of 6 times on the bonus amount you deposited. If you receive a bonus of €1,500 in bonus money and you have deposited €10 in bonus money, you will still only receive €60 in profit. We always recommend you to read the terms carefully.

Wagering requirements for spins received in the welcome bonus

When you accept a welcome bonus you can also get a number of bonus spins to play with. In some cases, it is only the bonus spins that are included in the bonus. This depends on the casinos and what they offer. Bonus spins may also have wagering requirements associated with them. If you win on bonus spins received in a bonus offer, they might have wagering requirements associated with them. This is stated in the casino’s rules and conditions together with the welcome offer.

Wagering requirement on sports bonus

The wagering requirements for sport bonuses are considerably smaller but are also combined with a certain odds level. If you take a sports bonus, the wagering requirement can be about 6 or 8 times. Often the bets need to be on a minimum odds of 1.80 to be reduced from your wagering. That way you will be limited in what matches you can bet on. If the welcome bonus is attractive it can still be a good move to take the bonus. An attractive welcome bonus is always good and can give you benefits if it is well constructed.

We always recommend that you take the welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is attractive for you who played when you get an advantage to play with more money and in this way be able to have more spin or to bet a larger amount. However, each time you have to investigate so that the bonus has the right conditions. The turnover requirements and the conditions vary between different casinos.

Try a new casino with a wager free bonus

If the bonus is wager free we’d say it’s a no-brainer. It is a great opportunity to try a new casino without being stuck with wagering.

You can always choose not to take a welcome bonus

Casinos often offer welcome bonuses to you as a player for you to get some extra and to become more interested in the casino. You will receive a welcome bonus when you register as a customer at the casino. In many cases, the bonus is activated from the start when you create an account. Here you can always click out so that you do not take the current bonus. If that choice is not available, you can always contact customer service and inform them that they will remove the bonus from your account but do so before playing, otherwise the bonus will be activated automatically.

Find casinos without wagering requirements

Here on our site you can easily find casinos that do not have sales requirements, even though you get an attractive welcome bonus or a number of different spins. Use our listings and offers here on the page to find your best welcome bonus.

Play at casinos without a welcome bonus

If you play on a casino page that does not have a welcome bonus or that you choose not to accept the welcome bonus, you also have no sales requirements. These only fall out when you take a bonus at the casino. If you only use your own money, there are no sales requirements when you are going to withdraw your profits.

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