Indonesian odds

Indonesian odds explained

Indonesian odds can sometimes be seen in odds and betting. We have put together a little guide that may help you along the way to understand the numbers.

What are Indonesian odds?

These odds are also called “Indo” so if someone says that you now know what it means. The odds was created in Indonesia because they had no local betting shops where you could do the betting so the Indonesians were forced to put their bet at on online pages that were placed in other countries. The Indo odds were born as a conversion tool between these online odds and the Indonesian way of presenting odds for sports betting and work in a slightly different way.
On some betting sites you can switch between our regular odds and the Indonesian odds.

How are the odds constructed?

These odds use the factor 1.0 which means they only use one decimal. Here you also use “unit” instead of money.
The odds are presented either as positive numbers or negative numbers.

Positive Indo odds

Positive numbers have a probability of less than 50% and these odds may then represent the worse team, the one who is not the obvious winner. Also called the underdog.

Negative Indo odds

Negative numbers instead have a probability of over 50% and see you these odds, you can be sure that it is the favorite in the match.

How to convert?

The formula follows a pattern and you can convert these odds to those that are decimal through a little different formulas.
If you want a positive Indonesian odds to decimal odds, it’s easy, just add 1 so an Indo odds of 1.5 will then be 2.5 as a decimal odds.
If you want a negative Indonesian odds to decimal odds, divide 1 by the Indo odds and add 1. The formula will be if the Indo odds are -1.5 as follows: 1/1,5=0,67+1=1,67 or (1 + (1 / 1,5))

How to calculate profit with Indonesian odds?

How to think if the odds are positive:
Your bet x Indo odds = your win

How to think if the odds are negative:
Your bet / Indo odds = your win

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