Hongkong odds

Hongkong odds and how they work

What differentiates Hongkong odds from regular decimal odds? In this guide we will try to explain the details and why they even exists. The history goes back to when Hong Kong was under British rule until 1997 when it was handed over to China. The connection to Great Britain explains why the odds system is similar to European odds. We will try to sort out the differences below.

How does Hongkong odds work?

Hongkong odds are very similar to decimal odds and it also relatively easy to calculate the possible payout with these types of odds for sport betting. If you have a Hongkong odds of 1.5 and the bet is €10, your win will be €15 + your bet of €10. So you get a total of €25 back.
Some betting sites have a conversion table that allows you to switch between the different odds systems. This way you can use one that suits you and your location. Other common odds systems in Asia are Malaysian and Indonesian.

How are the Honkong odds constructed?

With Hongkong odds, 1.00 is even and this means that if you place a bet of €10 on a game with 1.0 in odds, you win €10, plus your bet of €10 which means a total of €20 back.

Above or under 1.0

  • Odds below 1.0 have a higher probability than 50% that that team will win (favourite)
  • Odds above 1.0 have a lower probability than 50% that that team will win (underdog)

Conversion of Hongkong odds

If you want to convert Hong Kong odds to decimal odds just add 1 to the odds so a Hongkong odds of 1.5 will be 2.5 with decimal.

How to calculate profits?

To get your profit, use the formula:
Your bet x odds = your win

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