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Find free live streams for sport

You have probably heard of live streaming before. Today you can broadcast live from Facebook for example, which is also a type of streaming. Everything that is broadcasted over the internet is called streaming in some form. In this article we will talk about free live streaming of sport and other events.

As you probably know, both games and even major e-sports events are often streamed for free. We’ve written a guide on e-sports betting  in particular, that you can read if you are a fan.

How can I watch a free live stream?

A livestream is something that is broadcast live when it happens. A good example is a match that is in progress and which is simultaneously streamed to the audience. Here you can enjoy the entire game directly on a feed at the bookmaker. Often, the matches with a live stream will be marked with a TV symbol at the bookmaker. This makes them easy to spot.

As the match begins, you can see the entire game and all statistics such as passes, corners and ball possession. Watching the match live is often a really good idea when you want to learn more about betting.

Top 5 bookmakers that offers free live streams

Live bet during broadcast

When the match is broadcasted live, you can also do live bets directly on the betting site. Live betting is often really fun as it gives a lot more to the match than just watching it. As you follow the match you can interpret the game pattern and at the same time see what you think will happen. Then a live bet can be close at hand to make the revenue a little bigger.

Remember that you will not be able to watch the stream unless you have an active bet on that particular match.

What are the requirements to see a free live team?

Currently, live stream works on all devices. You can watch a live stream on your mobile or laptop. The only thing that really matters for the quality is your internet connection. Live stream takes a lot of bandwidth if you want to see the match with good quality, you’ll need to have a good connection.

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