Malaysian Odds

Malaysian Odds and how they work

Malaysian odds are similar to Indonesian odds but they are not all the same. So we’ll explain how these work so you can understand them correctly.

How do Malaysian odds work?

These are also called Malay odds and are quite similar to Indonesian odds. The odds have emerged as the people of Malaysia have had to turn to online betting sites that are located in other countries. On some betting sites you can switch between these different odds formats.

How are the odds built up?

These odds also use 1.0 as a base, just like Indo odds, and they are presented as positive or negative numbers but there is a big difference and that is that they are inverted. This means that positive odds in Indonesian odds will be negative for Malay odds and negative odds in Indo will be positive for Malay odds.

Positive Malay odds

Positive odds have a probability of more than 50% and these are shown for teams that are favorites. If your bet is $100 and an odds of 0.5, it means you get a win of $50 + your bet. In this case, multiply your bet with the odds.

Negative Malay odds

Negative numbers have a probability of less than 50% and are shown for the teams that are the underdogs. If you place a bet of $100 and the odds is -0.5, it means that the win will be $200 + your bet. In this case, divide your bet with the odds.

Conversion of Malaysian odds

You can convert Malaysian odds to decimal odds and it follows the same pattern as Indonesian odds:
If you want a positive Malay odds to decimal odds, it’s easy: just add . So a Malay odds of 1.5 will then be 2.5 as a decimal odds.

If you want to convert a negative Malay odds to decimal odds, divide 1 by the Malay odds and add 1. The formula will be the following, if the malay odds is -1.5: 1/1,5 = 0,67 + 1 = 1.67 or (1 + (1/1,5))

How to calculate my profit with Malaysian odds?

If you have a positive Malay odds:

Your bet x malay odds = your win

If you have a negative Malay odds:

Your bet / malay odds = your win

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