Black Jack

Black Jack – How to play and win

Black Jack is a fun and easy game but it is easy to lose against the dealer if you do not have the rules and know when to stop or take another card. Here we go through the game and what you should consider when playing one of history’s most popular card games.

History of the card game Black Jack

There is no doubt that gaming is popular and has a long history. Card games date back to the 1300s. Black Jack, on the other hand, originated from France and was simply called twenty-one. The game appeared under several names in different continents and had similar gameplay that exists today. The game grew in interest from the 1950s and is today a given element in casinos and bars, just like the classic roulette.

How to play Black Jack

In this game, you are playing against the dealer and everything is about reaching 21, or as close to 21 as possible. Whoever does it wins. If you go over 21, you become what you call bust and you lose.

The game starts with you placing your bet in your game box. Then the dealer hands out one card to you and one to himself and then another card to you. You now have two cards and the dealer has one and this is where the game begins.

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Before we go any further, let’s talk about the values ​​of each card. All cards have the values ​​shown except the dressed cards and aces. The dressed cards are worth 10 and aces are worth 11 or 1. If you get a clipped card and an ace you have thus received 21. This can happen directly on the cards dealt and then you have BlackJack and get your winnings which is 1 , 5 times your stake.


If you get two equal cards you can make a split, that is, split the cards into two piles and it is almost always recommended. You then place the same bet again and you have two places to play with the same bet. In that case, you get another card at each slot so you have two on each.


If you have 11 or less you can double your bet and then you only get one more card. In some cases, this can be attractive.
Now the game goes on and you decide if you should have more cards or stay. Depending on the rules for Black Jack in different countries, the dealer must pull to 17 but this may vary. Check for local deviations where you play.

The tactic now is to stay at a sum as close to 21 without getting bust, or to chance the dealer gets bust.
Depending on what the dealer has for the first card, you can interpret the game. If the dealer has 7 or less as the first card, it is counted as a weak card and the cards above are as strong cards. You get to control your game along it and think about how much you can risk depending on the dealer’s first card.

When you are satisfied and do not want more cards, it is the dealer’s turn to take their cards. Here the dealer must pull to 17 and depending on what you have, the dealer will continue until they hit you or become thick.

Black Jack Game Tactics

Counting cards was previously an interesting solution when playing Black Jack. The tactic was to keep track of which cards had gone and in this way to know which ones were left in the card game and then be able to play afterwards. If you know that there are almost only low cards left, you understand that the bank will not receive any high cards, which is of course an advantage.

There are game strategies for Black Jack that you can learn and that show exactly when to stop and when to draw cards depending on what the dealer has in hand. These can be learned and can be a good guide for doing right. Black Jack is a mathematical game and there is a lot of information to take if you are interested.

Play Black Jack at online casinos

Today, this popular game is available at all online casinos. Partly like a regular table game with a random generator that produces the cards but also in the live casino. If you play there with real dealers, it’s basically like being on the casino floor. Read our live casino guide and what to think about when you plays live at a casino.

Want to play Black Jack without having to take any own decisions?

Have you never played Black Jack before and are unsure on how it works? There is an option to play BlackJack without having to take any own decisions. Not even on whether to hit or stand. Read our article about Perfect BlackJack here.

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