Craps – How to play and win?

We give you a guide to craps, the famous dice game that you may have seen sometime. We can already reveal that it is fun, but many find it very difficult to see when they see the playing field. In this article, we give you a background about the game, what you need to be able to get started and also some important tips along the way.

Craps history

This game has a long history and it is believed to come from England in the 1300s and was then called Hazard. The French renamed it Crapaud and the United States gave the game its current name Craps. Today, the game is available both online and on land-based casinos. Craps is a fun game and very social where you are joining and cheering for the one who throws the dice. It is very enjoyable to play together.

What does the game table look like in craps?

The playing field is immersed in the table and you throw the two dice directly on the table surface where the stakes are also located. There are four people who handle the game, two dealers, a stickman and a boxman. At first glance on the table you don’t understand anything. That is why we have written this article so that the next time you go past a craps table or try the game you should know what everything is. A table has room for 16 seats and the shooter, is rotated between those who play.

How to play craps

Since everything is about predicting what numbers it will be on the dice, the game is centered on this. You also play the game in rounds and it starts with the shooter throwing out the dice, which is called the come-out roll.

The best bets in craps

There are some good bets that you can do in craps and that have good benefits for you against the house. We were going to go through these below and tell you how it works.

Pass line bet

In this bet, you get the same amount you bet back. On the table is a field with pass line where you put your chips. You win with 7 or 11 and it is also called a natural. If it gets 2, 3 or 12 you lose, which is called craps. All other numbers that may come will cause the puck to be placed on that number on the table and it will be a point number. Then an extra round will be played. In order to win this round, you need to get the point number again and that before it comes a 7 on the table. The game continues and the dice are thrown to this. If the shooter gets a 7, it will be a loss.

Don’t pass the line bet

This is the opposite of the above bet and you put it when you don’t believe what the shooter will get. You can say that you are playing against the one who throws the dice. You therefore think that the one who throws will not put a point number but that he will instead get a 7. Just opposite to the above.

Come bet

Come bet is equal to the pass line bet but you can’t place it until the point number is set. Pass line bet lets you bet before the come-out roll.

Don’t come bet

Here is a bet that is the same as don’t pass bet but you can’t put this until the point number is ready.

Field bet

Put your bet here if you think 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 will appear on the dice. When that happens, you win 1: 1 but if you get a 2 or 12 you are paid double, ie 2: 1. Unlike the pass line bet, the house has an advantage of 5.55% on this bet, thus considerably greater risk for you.

Big 6 and 8

Here you can add if you think 6 or 8 will come up before the 7. Either you put on a number of them or on both. The house has a great advantage here at 9.09% and you think some numbers are better with place bets, see below.

Add place bets

If you want to add specific numbers to craps, you can do so in the place bets area. Put your chip on the table and tell the dealer what bet you want to make. They will place it for you in the right position. The house advantage of this bet is 1.52% for the corresponding bet if you bet 6 or 8.

Become good at craps by reading rules

You can significantly improve your chances if you are reading about craps and what applies. Because it is a game that is about probability, you need to know which combinations of dice provide the greatest opportunity. Then you will also see which bets can give the best outcome. The ones we have listed here are the most popular and you can combine them between each other for better outcomes. The more you learn the more interesting this fun game will be.

Here are some common bets and their payouts and house advantages

Pass line and come bet
Pass Line / Come Bet. Payout odds 1: 1. The house advantage is (%): 1,414

Don’t pass line and don’t come bet
Don’t Pass / Don’t Come Bet gives payout 1: 1 and house advantage in percent: 1.402

Field bets
3, 4, 9, 10, 11 payout 1: 1 and house advantage in percent: 5.5
2, 12 payout 2: 1 and house advantage in percent: 5.5

Place bets
Number 4 or 10 gives payment 9: 5 and house advantage in percent: 6.7
Number 5 or 9 gives payout 7: 5 and house advantage in percent advantage: 4
Number 6 or 8 gives payout 7: 6 and house advantage in percent: 1.52

Big 6 or Big 8
Big 6 or 8 gives payout 1: 1 and house advantage in percent: 9.09

Set a budget when playing craps

As usual when it comes to games, it is important to make a budget that you can stick to. Start small and smart and make sure you do simple and good bet to learn the game correctly. Losing the money in craps can go fast if you don’t put your bet smart.

Play craps at online casino

Many of today’s casinos have this game in their range and the benefits are of course many, not least that you can play it anytime and anywhere. That way, you can become good at the game by learning for a while. What you will not get is the social part when standing and cheering at the table and feeling when you yourself throw the dice. But why not play online first and then take you to a land-based casino. Whether it is in Sweden or a fun trip to LasVegas it is entirely up to you.