Dual Play from Evolution Gaming

Dual Play from Evolution Gaming

Getting the right feeling in games is something that everyone strives for. You must have been tired of playing a game yourself because it got boring, haven’t you?

With Evolution Gaming’s Dual Play solution, you can get straight into a hot table at a popular land-based casino. If you are going to play a little roulette, it is evident that you want to do it in the right place. In other words – get a magical feeling and where you participate in what is happening on the table.

The next step in the development of live casino

There is no doubt that live casino is popular. However, constant development requires, and in this case, Evolution Gaming has further increased the attraction of playing with great empathy. The gaming market continually delivers news, and maybe you are thinking that now there can be no more solutions? But the manufacturers have more aces in their rock sleeves and now give you games directly from a casino table, at a land-based casino.

Dual Play gives you a live stream of HD cameras at various angles right from the table you are playing at. Here, online players and players gather at the table. You place your bets online and at the same time, watch everything happens on the table by those who are currently playing at the casino.
In fact, it feels like you’re standing there.

Dual Play is the most fun I’ve had since Starburst

Featured Dual Play Games from Evolution Gaming

Currently, Roulette and Baccarat are available as Dual Play games. Initially, these two are present, but we are sure there will be more games of this type.
The dual play solution is right and in a smart way, brings together online players and players at a regular casino. Everything happens at the same time, raises the mood considerably, and the feeling transmits the right way. It’s hard to get tired when playing Dual Play games.

Where to play Dual Play from Evolution Gaming

It’s not hard to find these games, as Evolution Gaming is available at many of the major casinos on the market. A smart solution could be to find an attractive casino bonus here on the site and thus get an even better start.

Best casino sites for playing Evolution Dual Play

What do we like about Dual Play games

Playing Dual Play is fun, and we think you will like it too. The excellent feeling when the whole experience becomes that you are actually in place. In the past, the live casino has been a bit more rigid. Sure, you have a dealer who makes your decisions, but there it also ends. With this solution, you participate at a real table with other people. One effect of this is that it significantly increases the experience. In summary, we think that you should try it yourself so that you get to experience how it feels at the table.

It will be exciting to see what the next game will be in this series and what it will lead to in the development of live casino games.