ATG will offer slots after regulation

ATG will offer slots after regulation

It is now clear that ATG will be one of the providers of online casino games in Sweden

ATG will apply for online casino and odds from 1st of January 2019. According to information the application has been sent in the 1st of August 2018.

ATG is applying for a license in all areas within the regulation. This means casino, sportsbet and to continue with their current horse racing.

ATG has a dominating place in the market within horse racing

ATG today has monopoly on the horse racing but that might be something that will change in the future when other operators will enter the market. The company has a revenue on 4,2 miljarder SEK for 2017 and is a big actor.

By sending in the application is nothing strange according to Hasse Skarplöth, VP at ATG. With the new services (providided that they will get a license) they will have the possibility to challenge other operators in the market and offer a wider range of games and entertainment. ATG have about 2 million customers that then can use another portfolio of services. ATG is aiming for a marketshare of 2,5% of the market.

ATG will keep their name for all their services online

ATG is planning to keep the name and offer more services at the same place. The brand is very strong in Sweden and now the time is right to take another step in the development of the gaming area.

Will ATG be successful in getting the customers interest

Maybe some of the customers at ATG is there for just the horse racing and maybe not specifically interested in online gaming. This will be interesting to follow and see how it works out to offer new gaming products to existing customers.

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