Nudge to move wheel or symbol on slot

There are actually slot machines where you can nudge the wheels position to win. Sometimes the turn-out of the slots wheels does not generate a win just because one wheel was not in the right position.

If you have interesting combinations of symbols, you can move one or more wheels so it generates a win. Does it sound too good to be true? Well it is not that simple to just move around everything but it really generate wins.

Today the range of these special slot machines is not very wide. You can search for them online and then check if your favorite casino has them in their range.

NetEnt´s Super Nudge 6000

Super Nudge 6000 from NetEnt is a slot that is created from the classic old fruit slots that was placed in pubs and restaurants and it has a similar design just from that around the actual slot machine. SuperNudge 6000 has an automatic nudge function that moves the wheels for you. You can have up to three nudges or moves on all wheels depending on the combination of the wheels.

Nudge or hold

When you play it feels like an extra spin or chance when you see the symbols. Without a win but then one or more wheels moves and creates a win. Some of the games of this type also let the player move the wheels. Then it can be called a player controlled game. You can also find hold buttons in some of the games. This means you can hold one or two wheels the next spin.

Nudge is a rare feature

Today these types of games are not in common in the assortment at the casinos but they are present because they are included in the games from different gameproviders. Sure this is no fancy new videoslot but it could be nice to try an oldie and with an interesting feature like nudge that is not seen at all nowadays.

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