Free spins and re-trigger

Free spins and re-trigger in video slots

Free spins is a feature that activates when you get three or more special symbols in the slot machines wheels. They are exactly what they sound like – they are free. This guide will only cover the video slots feature. Not the kind of bonus spins you may receive in a welcome offer. If you want to know about how to get bonus spins upon registration you can take a look at our bonus spins page.

How does free spins work?

There are two features you really want to trigger in a slot. One is the bonus feature and the other is the free spins. Freespins are activated in different ways for different slots. Usually you need three symbols to activate the feature and then you get rewarded with 10 spins. If you get more symbols then you get an extra 5 spins for each symbol. So if you are lucky to get 5 symbols, you could have 20 spins in one round.

The feature can also be connected to different multipliers or other profitable features. You can also get a re-trigger within the free spin mode. Which will give you additional spins in your current game.

In some slots you can also choose between a max number of freespins with a low multiplier. Or less spins with a higher multiplier.


Inside the freespins mode it is possible to re-trigger free spins. If you get the combination for free spins, additional spins will be added on top of your remaining spins.

Re-trigger works for unlimited times so you can actually get several re-triggers in one free spins round. It is not easy and it is not so common either but plausible. If you get a re-trigger it can be very profitable since the free spin round will last longer.


As a summary, this feature is really something to strive for. Remember to always look in the slots instructions what combinations that triggers the feature. It is much more enjoyable to play the slot when you know what to look for.

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