Autoplay feature

Autoplay feature in casino slots

Sometimes it can be hard to play casino slots and often it is the pushing on the mouse button or the spacebar. An automated feature makes this easier and faster and just because of that there is an autoplay feature.

You will see this feature on almost every slot and it has several preferences so you can adjust your game and what features should be active.

Remember that it is you who is in control of the game and you can at any time stop the feature.

How does the autoplay feature work?

You will easily find autoplay in every slot. The feature let you set the number of spins that the slot shall play for you. You also set the bet amount that you want every spin to have. Additional features that are available differs from slot to slot but in general they are extra fast spins, or stop the autoplay when you win a certain amount.

When you enter other features in the game like bonus och free spins the autoplay feature will stop and wait for you to take manual action and start free spins or bonus game. When those games are done the autoplay will return and play the remaining spins from the original amount.

When is a good time to use the autoplay feature

If you need to do other things but still want to play the autofeature is really good to have. It can also be good if you are aiming for the bonus feature and just need to get through all the regular spins.

Also if you have a certain amount of monay to spend just set the coin value and the amount of spins and after they are ended check the balance and then decide if you want to continue playing.

As a summary we can just say that the autoplay feature is really handy and can help you a lot when you play slots.

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