Winning lines

Pay lines, payout tables and different ways to win

Winning lines are fundamental in every video slot, which is what pays out on a winning combination. In the early days of mechanic slot machines there were only one winning line which was horizontal. This eventually became three horizontal winning lines. The slots of today offers almost endless combinations of winning lines.

The winning combinations can be horizontal, vertical, zig zag or other more and less interesting patterns. In every game review we will present the different winning combinations of the slot we are reviewing. This will give you an upper hand when you later play the slot.

Payout table shows the winning lines

A payout table for a slot machine shows the different winning lines and the payout for each symbol. Every slot machine has an information tab. It is often found at the bottom of the screen marked or .

Do I have to read the info?

The answer is always YES.  You will get information about the winning combinations that exists and you will find out what symbols payout the most. In this area you will also find information about the bonus game and how the free spins work.

Why care about the pay table?

You will be able to follow the game better and see what combinations pays out the most. Early slot machines had very simple payout tables. In those cases you had just one winning line and combinations of 1-3 symbols that generated a win. The much more advanced slot machines today, offers more winning combinations.

As always you want to win as much as possible and the more you know about the game the better chances you have. Of course you can’t affect the RTP percentage but the more you know the better conditions you have.

243 or 1024 ways to win

243 or 1024 ways of winning is all about the different winning lines that is available in the slot machine. When the first slot machines came out, it was all about getting the right symbols in one line. Shortly after it became possible to activate more lines if you raised the bet. Then you could play on three winning lines.

Let the machine do the math

Todays slot machines you just place the bet and the winning lines are already activated, this is how the slot machine is constructed from the beginning. Sure you can have other features like you activate a bonus line and if a win comes on that line something more is happening, like the HotLine slot from NetEnt.

There are slot machines with 243 ways of winning, 1024 ways of winnings and also 3125 ways of winning. The formula is mathematical and it is good to know because it can make your playing a little bit more interesting. Knowledge is power.

If we start with 243 ways of winning we have 3 possible symbols on every wheel and there are 5 wheels so the formula will be 3x3x3x3x3=243 possible ways of win.

If we look at 1024 so maybe you already have been thinking about it but with 4 symbols on every wheel there will be 4x4x4x4x4 which gives us 1024.

So, if we instead have 5 symbols on each wheel it will be 5x5x5x5x5=3125 ways of winning.

Win from both ends

Slots that uses this feature usually works in the same way as your regular slots but with more chances to land a winning line since you can win from both ways of the game screen. Something to keep in mind is that even though the winning will be smaller you will hit a winning line more frequent and therefore the slots often have a higher RTP.

So if you are a casual player that isn’t dreaming about hitting that big win and just enjoy playing slots and hitting winning lines. These type of slots are perfect for you. In regular slots you can often figure out pretty fast if you are going to hit a winning line or not. With winning from both ways you have a delayed reaction since you have to watch the whole spin before you can determine if you are getting a winning line or not.

As we mentioned before you will hit more winning lines than other regular slots since you have more potential to win. Let’s say you are playing a slot with 20 winning lines you will get 40 chances to land a winning line and that goes for all of slots that uses this feature.

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