Will Zlatan Ibrahimovic return to Spain?

Will Zlatan Ibrahimovic return to Spain?

Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic about to return to LaLiga Santander?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the current Los Angeles Galaxy player in the United States, has launched a cryptic message on the networks: “Hello Spain! Guess what…? I’m about to come back …” The big question is: do you mean that you will play again in the Spanish league? There were rumors that he was going to change clubs or even retire, but now he comes with this on social networks. It should be remembered that he is an ambassador for the brand Bethard .

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – a legendary player

Zlatan is undoubtedly a legendary player, and also a character. It leaves no one indifferent. The list of clubs where he has played is undoubtedly really impressive.

  • Malmö FF (Sweden)
  • Ajax (Netherlands)
  • Juventus (Italy)
  • Inter (Italy)
  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Milan (Italy)
  • Paris Saint-Germain (France)
  • Manchester United (England)
  • Los Angeles Galaxy (USA)

Few players have played in so many big clubs. In Europe, he has only missed playing at Bayern Munich.

Rumors about Zlatan Ibrahimovic

His current team, Los Angeles Galaxy, was eliminated last Friday (October 25, 2019) in the quarterfinals in the final phase of the American Major League football MLS (Major League Soccer).
On top of that they fell against their inner rival of the same city, Los Angeles FC. Zlatan’s team lost 3-5. Zlatan has a 2-year contract with the Galaxy that ends now at the end of 2019. Rumors say he is going to another big club. There has been the talk of Napoli in Italy, Boca Juniors in Argentina, Bologna in Italy, Flamengo in Brazil.

Others say he will stay in the MLS and the Los Angeles Galaxy. But now he seems to indicate that he will return to Spain and (supposedly) the First Division, that is, LaLiga Santander. Zlatan has said: “If I leave the American league, nobody will remember what the MLS was”. He is really a modest person.

Is it another Ibrahimovic media trick?

Zlatan has the habit of launching these cryptic messages on social networks. But many times it has been about advertising for his own brands. Because we already know, this Swedish player is everywhere. He has written his own biography (the book is called “I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic”, a movie is being made about him and is also an ambassador for the Bethard brand, a bookmaker). He is also co-owner of this operator of gambling.

The bomb of the year – Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Real Madrid

The bombshell of the season would undoubtedly be the following: Zlatan Ibrahimovic signs for Real Madrid. Not only would it be another big club for him but it would also cause sensation in El Clásico. As Zlatan has previously played for FC Barcelona and also left there quite badly due to clashes with Pep Guardiola … Do you think Zlatan Ibrahimovic could sign for Real Madrid now?

Will you put your shoes on the shelf?

There are a thousand rumors, but the truth is that Zlatan Ibrahimovic himself has not even confirmed that he will continue playing football, anywhere. Because although he has indeed scored 30 goals in 31 games in the MLS (that is an awful lot!), the fact is that he is already 37 years old. Few are still playing at that age, and less in a big club. But, would you like to see Zlatan Zlatan Ibrahimović in LaLiga Santander again? I say YES, without hesitation. Because the Swedish player is a spectacle, outside and inside the soccer field.

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