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The Bundesliga is Germany’s highest league in football for men. The league was started in 1962 when the German Football Association decided to start this professional league. The first season started 1963/1964. Today, the league is one of the most popular leagues in Europe, and the matches are often of great interest in betting and good dividends. Here you will find everything you need to know about the German Bundesliga.

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This is how the Bundesliga started

Football has been of great interest in Germany for a long time, and it has only increased in interest as long as time has passed. Bundesliga is the highest series in Germany at present.

In the early 1900s, football was played in various regional divisions instead. The champions from each area met in an endgame where the winner became the German Champion.
There were drawbacks to the system, but it would take until the 1960s before things got on the table properly. One of the reasons why they wanted to change and create something new was the unfortunate result of the 1962 Football World Cup, where Yugoslavia beat them in the quarterfinals by 0-1.

On July 28, 1962, the German Football Association decided that the league should start and that the first season was 1963/1964.
Although the thoughts were good at creating a professional, many things were not easy to solve. Some of these were that the clubs that were not in the professional league would have further financial problems. Another concern was the trips between the tams and, if it was possible, financially to travel to that extent throughout Germany.

Many teams were left without participation in the Bundesliga

The competition to join this professional league was huge. Many clubs did not meet the credentials. The league should consist of 16 teams. The football clubs were scattered throughout Germany and played in five different areas and series. A total of 46 teams wanted to be in the league.
Of course, the selection was difficult, but a system was set up with points from several years back in time and in this way, presented the 16 teams that would play.

46 teams wanted to play in the Bundesliga, but there was only room for 16.

First season for Bundesliga

With a brand new league in the German market, the interest was at the top. The league had very positive audience figures. Now the best teams met each other pretty much every week during the season, and Germany got to see high-quality football. At this time, football players had regular jobs during the days, or when they could. The league also had some regulations on how much a player could earn per month.
The first winner in the Bundesliga became FC Cologne.

Big stars and scandals

You can tell lots about the Bundesliga and what has happened over the years. You, as a serious bettor, will probably find out most about this league to have a good track of history, teams, and opportunities. However, what we can say is that until the 1990s, the Bundesliga had many victories in the European Cup, including the UEFA Cup. Many big stars also played in the league. When the league started, only seven out of a total of 300 players were foreign. As the league grows, more players had to connect. Players from other countries were the solution. This trend began as early as the 1970s. A quick check on the 2015/2016 season shows that 235 players out of 429 are foreign. A change from 2.3% to 54.5%.

The scandals started in the 1970s when matches in the bottom layer were exposed to match-fixing. Many of the teams had been involved in discussions but had not agreed. They then decided to publish the bribes. The Bundesliga took a lot of punches for this, and the crowd also let down the matches.
Many of the matches in the Bundesliga also had strong support groups where violence and riots in various forms took place at the matches. These were widespread problems and made strong players also left the league.

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Bundesliga merges with teams from GDR

When the wall fell, more teams became available from East Germany, and these also got places in the Bundesliga. Players also moved between the clubs from the east to the west. The number of teams in the league during this period was also increased to 20. The clubs from the GDR had trouble staying in the Bundesliga. Regardless, many players in the GDR got the chance to play football in this league and also become well paid and had real successes.

Germany achieves international success in football

Several of the clubs in the Bundesliga also make great successes in the Champions League. Football got a bigger interest when the host country was Germany for the Football World Cup in 2006. In conjunction with it, many arenas became renovated, and new ones are also developed. During this period, Bundesliga notices an increasing interest.
RB Leipzig is currently the only East German team in the Bundesliga. Red Bull owns RB Leipzig, and since 2016, they play in this top league.

Game format in the Bundesliga

Today, the Bundesliga consists of 18 teams that meet each other at home and away. The point is as it usually is, three points for a win and one point for a draw. Interesting to know is that previously, the win was worth two points and a draw one point.

The club that is at the top when the season kicks off is the German Champions.
The top four teams get a ticket to UEFA Champions League qualifiers. If the team is instead in the two worst positions, i.e., 17 and 18, it will be relegated to the division under, called 2nd Bundesliga. If you are in position 16, you will play two matches against the team in position 3 in the 2nd Bundesliga. Whoever wins plays in the Bundesliga the season after.

UEFA country coefficient for the Bundesliga

As a country, Germany has varied somewhat in the UEFA rankings in recent years but retains a steady third place in the table just before Italy. The Bundesliga has many top clubs in Europe and many big players who can compete with the other countries.

Successful teams

There is no doubt which team stands on the throne of the Bundesliga. Here we find Bayern Munich, which has won 29 times in the last seven years. The second place with nine wins, we find FC Nürnberg. In third place, Borussia Dortmund with eight titles in the Bundesliga.

However, no one is saying that the current season will end in the same way, even though the betting companies are holding low odds at Bayern Munich. We are used to that. The favorite has made major changes staggered over some of his team. There are hungry teams around who are eager to take them down from the throne. It will be exciting to see.

Attractive odds on the Bundesliga

Of course, you can find attractive odds. A lot happens in this league, which is why it is also fun to bet. As usual, it is important to find the variations on odds that give you a little more, and that may be at a little higher risk. With good reading, information, and statistics, you may come up with other things than the betting company.

Some matches may look difficult, but check out handicap bet which can give you some benefits and increase the odds a lot.
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Summary of betting at the Bundesliga

Bundesliga is an interesting and attractive league for betting. It is one of Europe’s largest leagues with great player profiles and where a lot can happen. The coverage of this league is exceptional. Both from the sports betting companies and the media. Here are opportunities to read about what is happening with the teams and their form. As well as find out things that the betting companies have missed.