UEFA Europa League

Europa League is one of the really big tournaments played in Europe where many club teams participate. The tournament has had several names over the years and is now in its format administered by UEFA. As of 2010, the tournament was called the UEFA Europa League.

Here you will find info about the Europa League and odds on upcoming matches.

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Previous tournaments and history of the Europa League

An early name for this tournament was Mässcupen and the name came from the fact that matches were played in the cities where fairs of some kind were organized. So it was really cities that played. When the cities were to compete, teams were created from several different clubs in the city that were allowed to represent the city.

This tournament was played between 1955 and 1958, but the form of the game then became smaller in scope as it was not possible to create combination teams. Instead, teams based on placement in their own leagues participated. In the early 1960s, Spanish clubs were overwhelmingly successful. The tournament grew gradually and in 1965 a total of 48 clubs participated. In 1971, the tournament was played for the last time and then had 64 participating teams.

The scope of this tournament became difficult to handle as so many clubs participated that the organizers needed help and the solution was that Uefa took over it and also changed its name. From 1972 it was called the UEFA Cup. Participants in the UEFA Cup came from different placements in domestic leagues based on their placement. In 1999, this tournament was merged with the Cup Winners’ Cup and now there are also participants who are losers in the Champions League third qualifying round. Participation in this tournament could also take place through fair play where there were a number of different places for this.

Name change to Uefa Europa League

In 2010, the name of the tournament was changed again and the new name became Uefa Europa League. In connection with this, the Intertoto Cup also ended and the solution was to instead play qualifying matches early in this tournament. Now the qualifying game also changed in connection with this change.

Game layout Uefa Europa League

The game structure in this tournament is based on a number of qualifying rounds where you first have a preliminary round and then four qualifying rounds.

When these are finished, group rounds are played and then the playoffs begin with 32 teams which then become 16, then quarterfinals, semifinals and the grand final.

The Uefa Europa League trophy weighs 15 kilos

It is not a small piece that the winner of the UEFA Europe League can lift. As much as 15 kilos of silver is the silver goblet and the yellow marble base. The winning team gets a copy of the original trophy and wins a team three times in a row or a total of five times you get a recognition engraved.

Successful wins in the Uefa Europa League

If we look at countries that have taken home this prestigious tournament, we find Spain in the top spot with 11 wins, then England with nine wins and Italy who also have nine wins.

In terms of teams, Sevilla is in the top with five wins, Juventus with three wins and in third place Inter, who also have three wins.

The Uefa Europa League has become the second largest tournament in Europe and it has placed itself as a glorious tournament to win and with a fantastic trophy. At present, it is Sevilla who have succeeded with as many as five victories and also the last three in a row, which means that they have received an extra note for their efforts in both criteria for this trophy.