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Serie A is the highest football league in Italy, and it has a long history. During the years since it started, it has had several different formats. We give you a brief history of Italian football culture, winnings, scandals, and game format. Serie A is interesting from a betting perspective as many interesting teams are playing where the odds can be advantageous.

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If you think of football, does Italy come up as one of the countries with the most passionate football players and fans? If so, that is not strange because Italy has a long tradition of football and some great players. Their famous Serie A is the top professional league with the best 20 teams in the country.

Football is a big sport in Italy, and the Italians have had success in the FIFA World Cup games four times as winners. The last time in 2006 in Germany. This means they are one of the top-performing countries, Brazil has succeeded in winning five times.

Football in Italy has a long tradition and is part of the culture

We can definitely say that football is a long tradition in this peninsula and has been played for a long time ago. Not only here in Italy, the traditions and interest is high but also for followers internationally. Many people travel to Italy to experience the unique football culture.

The football players in the top leagues makes millions and are treated like moviestars and continuously followed by fans and photographers.

The Italian team is called “Azzurri,” and it stands for “The Blues,” meaning they wear this color when playing for Italy. However, the Italian flag consists of green, white, and red. So why blue? Well, this goes back to when Italy was ruled by the royal house, and had the blue color as their official color. So when playing for Italy, it was, of course, blue, that was the color to wear. Today many things have happened in Italy, but the blue color persists as an iconic shirt and stands for a national football pride.

William Garbutt put Italy on the football map

So who is this guy? Garbutt is from Great Britain, and after his professional carrier as a football player, he moved to Italy and became a football trainer. He implemented a lot of training for the players that have never been used in Italy before. By that, they also succeeded in many wins in championships.

Garbutt also became the first “Mister,” an expression for the player’s respect for Garbutt’s way of training and development. Today that expression is still active for the head coach in football. Of course, several more persons in Italy have participated in developing football and created a lot for this sport. Many of the football clubs have a long history and were founded in the late 1800 century. That was also the time when Italy was a new country with the unification that came into place in 1871.

Four clubs that meant a lot for the development of football in Italy is Genoa FC, FC Torinese, Internationale di Torino, and Ginnastica Torino. These were the pioneers of football during that time and also with a lot of English influence.

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Italian football scandals

The Italians have many successful championships and a lot of trophies but also almost as many scandals. And that means for both the national level of football as well as the clubs.
Match-fixing started already in the year 1927, and it was Torino that was involved. The result was that Torino lost its champion title, and then lost the Scudetto, a small shield.
Juventus followed in Torino’s footsteps in 2006, and they lost two titles and got relegated. And there are more clubs after that, AC Milan, Lazio and also Fiorentina.

Match-fixing and scandals are part of Italian football culture

Serie A have declined in UEFA coefficient

Being the top league in world football interest for many years, the UEFA coefficient for Serie A has dropped continuously. Since the year 2010, they have dropped down several positions. One of the reasons that Serie A has lost its position could be the financial situation in Europe. During that period, Serie A took a lot of blows, and many of the clubs got problems. Italian teams could not recover in the same way as other leagues in the world.

One reason for this is that they are dependent on tv broadcasting revenue. In general, the clubs need tv broadcasting income to get the financial situation working. If not, they have to sell some of their players, making the calculation even harder to increase positions and winnings against other teams. It is hard to cut costs while still be competitive.

Still, Serie A is one of the top tiers leagues in the world. Today we find Serie A in place four, and among the clubs, we find Juventus in position five, and then we have to go down to number 15 to find the next, which is AS Roma.

Game format for Serie A

Serie A started in the year 1929 when the series was played as a national tournament. This professional football league has 20 of the best teams competing against each other. Juventus is one of the most successful teams with the most victories. In the second place, we find Inter.

The league is played with 20 teams, but it is not always all teams participate. It happened several years that fewer than 20 teams played Series A.
The format of Serie A is that each club plays against each other twice. One time at home and one time away. This means there will be 38 games for each club. The season is divided into two parts. When the first part (half season) is played, the other one takes on, and the games play precisely in the same order.

When winning, the team is awarded three points, and on a draw, the team gets one point. If you lose, you will be without points. The winner of the table with the most points when the season is over will be the winner. As a winner, you get the Scudetto, which is a small shield, and you also get a trophy named Coppa Campioni d’Italia. For every 10th victory in Serie A, you get a star to wear on the club mark. Juventus has won over 30 times and then has three stars on their club label.

Top positions qualifies for Champions League

The four top teams in the table when the season is over automatically qualify for games in the Champions League. If the team ends up in positions five and six, they will qualify for the UEFA Europa League together with the winner of Coppa Italia, which is an Italian football cup.
The three last positions means relegation to Serie B.

Top four goes to UEFA CL. Bottom three goes to Serie B

How attractive it is to bet on Serie A

The league has been a bit in the shade for some previous years. Today it is again out in the limelight and is highly topical. With the long history and big teams like Juventus, Inter, Milan, and Naples, and Roma, a lot can happen. Football in Italy is huge, and there are many real football fans all over the country. In terms of betting, the league is monitored by virtually everyone in the sports market, and the range is large. Here you can benefit from many attractive odds, and it is usually offered both boosted odds and various promotions from the betting companies. Keep an eye on our site to see the latest odds and offers for Serie A.