Ligue 1 – betting on French football's division 1

Ligue 1 is the highest French league in football. The league has 20 participating clubs and has been played since 1932. France is currently dominant in world football and Ligue 1 offers betting on fantastic football.

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The French Football Federation voted in 1930 through a decision on a professional football league in France. The first match in the league was played in 1932 and the number of clubs was limited to 20. However, there were a number of criteria that had to be met in order to participate.

There were both financial requirements and requirements to be able to secure a number of players for each match. Some critical clubs made themselves heard with protests as they did not have the financial means to secure their places in Division 1.

Initially, the twenty teams were divided into two groups with ten teams each. The three worst teams in each group were relegated to Division 2. The winners of each group met in a final that selected a league winner.

During the years that passed, the number of participating clubs varied from 14 and up, but from 1966 the number has been 20. In 2002, the name was changed from Division 1 to Ligue 1. The league is also known by names such as France Première division or France Division 1.

Game format in Ligue 1

A season in Ligue 1 consists of the 20 teams meeting each other twice each, resulting in 38 matches in total. The points are the same as in leagues like these, a win gives three points, a draw a point and a loss means that the team is without points. The one who wins the league is the one who has the highest score when all matches are played. In this league, there is no play-off between the top teams who then choose a winner.

The two best teams in Ligue 1 are directly qualified for the Champions League and the team in third place gets an extra qualifying round to get to the Champions League. The fourth team is qualified for the UEFA Europa League

The teams that place in place 19-20 automatically end up in Ligue 2 and then change places with the teams in position 1 and 2 in Ligue 2.

A Play Off of two matches is then played between the team in place 18 in Ligue 1 and the team in place three in Ligue 2. The winner is the one who gets the place in Ligue 1.

Successful teams in Ligue 1

During the years that the league has been implemented, there have been a lot of teams that have taken home many victories and the top notes in the list are frequent.

  • Saint-Étienne has ten victories between the years 1956 and 1981.
  • Marseille has nine victories between the years 1936 to 2010.
  • Paris Saint-Germain have also taken nine victories between 1985 and 2020.
  • Monaco has eight wins between the years 1960 – 2017.
  • Nantes also won eight victories between 1964 and 2001.

In recent years, it has been Paris Saint-Germain who have been most successful in taking home the championship title.

Ligue 1 trophy

The Ligue 1 champions are awarded the L’Hexagoal trophy, developed by the French Football Federation and created by Pablo Reinoso. Several different prizes have been awarded over the years, but L’Hexagoal has been awarded since 2007. It was produced through a competition with proposals and then a vote on French television. The hexagon is surrounded by a circular ring with a football in the middle.

World ranking of teams in Ligue 1

Ligue 1 is France’s best team competing against each other, but how well do they perform in the world rankings?

If we look at the global ranking of teams, we find Paris Saint-Germain in place five in the list and given that they have won a lot of titles lately, we understand that they also have a good position.

However, we will not find the next team until in place 40 and then it is Lyon we are talking about, then Lille in place 48. In summary, we will find three teams from Ligue 1 on the world rankings top 50 list.