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The European Football Championship, or UEFA Euro, or the Football European Championship is a tournament that is held every four years. Previously, this tournament was called the European Cup. UEFA has continuously increased interest in this tournament and is now one of the world’s most significant sporting events. In total, 24 teams participate in the competition, and the matches take place across 12-13 countries in Europe.

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The first match of the Football Championship (then called the European Cup) was held in 1960 and was won by the Soviet Union. Through the ages, the form and the participating teams have varied. In 1996, the play-offs expanded to a total of 16. The more teams were participating, the greater interest and coverage from the media. Today this tournament is called UEFA Euro.

Previously, the tournament had hosting countries that have automatically qualified for the tournament by taking care of the event. Qualification this way has now changed from the year 2020. The matches will play in several locations in Europe. The number of teams has also been expanded to include 24 teams in the play-offs. In total, 51 games will play.

Germany and Spain are the two nations that have won the most in the European Football Championship of all time. They have three titles with them each. Cristiano Ronaldo is also best at scoring goals. He stands for nine goals in this tournament and has participated 21 times in some final game.

Game form in the UEFA Euro

European Football Championship is an elimination tournament where the teams are placed by drawing lots in different groups. In total, there are ten groups and the two best advance. To these 20 teams, four nations are coming from play-off. It is the 16 team winners in the Nations League who are set against each other in a play-off game. The four best teams will receive a ticket to the Football Championship. None of the countries that host the event have a ticket to the event.

Draw and placements

The basis of the game is the qualification that will be played during the fall in which 55 nations participate. The draw for this qualifier is held in December the year before. A draw will place the teams in ten different groups. Some of the ten groups contain five or six nations. This lot is broadcasted and always has a great interest. Here you can end up in a difficult group or an easy one.
When the qualifying game is complete you have 20 qualified teams.

The final draw of the qualified teams takes place in November. The teams are in different draw pots based on their seeding. Now they are drawn to each other. They meet according to a special schedule and get to play in one of the selected places in Europe.

What remains to be decided is who the play-off team will be and who will meet who. In the draw above you already have the play-off teams (like Play-off teams 1, 2, 3, 4) although they are not yet decided.

Betting and odds at the Football Championships

UEFA Euro is a very attractive football betting tournament. Firstly, it is a complete coverage from betting companies , and secondly, there are oceans of information and surveillance to scoop to dig down and find form flaws or player injuries. As an experienced bettor, you know that some background is required to put in a good and well-balanced bet. If you are missing some puzzle pieces, read our guide to becoming a better player and what to think about to maximize your chances.

In addition to betting on traditional matches, you can also bet on who you think will win the Football Championship. Such bets are quite nice as they extend throughout the tournament and so to speak live quite a long time. At the end of the tournament, it is most profitable to place these bets as the odds are high. As the tournament progresses and it becomes clearer who can be the winner, the odds will decrease.

Current champion of the UEFA Euro

When the tournament was last conducted, it was Portugal that won over France by 1-0 in the final. In that match, the only goal was in the 109th minute by Eder.

Frequently Asked Questions
Which year was the first match played in the European Football Championship?

1960 was the first match played in this tournament. The European Championship in Football The UEFA European Championship was previously named the European Cup in football. The Soviet Union won the first match 2-1 against Yugoslavia.

Who was the initiator to start a European football tournament?

It was the Frenchman Henri Delaunay and he launched the idea as early as the 1920s. He died in 1955

Which nation has participated in most of the European Football Championships?

Germany has been a full 12 times and Spain comes in second place with ten participants.

How many nations participate in the Football Championship?

There are a total of 24 nations that play the Football Championships after the qualifying game ends. There are 20 pieces that qualify. Then four more will come. This is done through a play-off game where the best in each team from the Nations League meet.

How many nations participate in the Soccer Championships after the qualifying game?

55 nations participate in the Football Championship.