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Allsvenskan is a men’s professional football league in Sweden. It is the highest level you can play at in Sweden. Allsvenskan has 16 teams competing for the title, and the top 3 teams will get a ticket to the UEFA Champions League qualification rounds. The league was kicked off on the 3rd of August 1924 and has since then been the most-watched football league in Sweden. In Europe and of course, mostly Sweden, this is an attractive league to bet on since there is a lot of money to be made if you research correctly.

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Swedish football history

The Allsvenskan league has of course not been present in all years, it was founded in 1924. Football came to Sweden from England in the late 1800s, which means it has been present for over 100 years. In the beginning, it was played more casually, but since the interest exploded, a league was created under the name Swedish Championship (Svenska Mästerskapen). The first game ever played was in 1896.

Some teams were excluded from the Swedish Championship

At this time, the series is quite special, and in some years, not all teams played. In some cases, it was only teams from Stockholm and Gothenburg that was allowed to play to achieve the Swedish Championship title. Today, it feels bizarre that some teams from certain areas in Sweden should not be allowed to compete on equal terms. They instead have opportunities based on whether they come from big cities. Historical aspects can often seem conscientious in their decisions and management, and this is one such example. A decision that would not go into effect today. However, the decision background was very different at that time against in today’s football.

The teams from the northern parts of Sweden, Norrland, instead started the Norrland championships that were played until 1953. The reason for this was that Norrland teams were not allowed in the highest series in Sweden. The island Gotland was another region that was also not allowed to participate in these games. They did not create any own series, but they certainly could play against the other Swedish island Öland.

Allsvenskan is founded

Well, we leave the Swedish Championship in 1924 to change into today’s game format and Allsvenskan. If you think of the name chosen for this league, you could think of all Swedes games, or something similar. It is not far away. However, it was far from true. Previous games often took place in region-based championships, such as the West Swedish series or the East Swedish series and so on. When the Allsvenskan was founded, these different series were incorporated into a joint series that was then chosen to be called Allsvenskan.

However, the name lags for a long time as some clubs in Sweden are not allowed to participate. Norrland is one of those regions that is not allowed for series higher than division 3. The rules were softened up in the middle of the 1950s when playing in the next highest divisions. There were reservations and rules that if a northern club won that series, it would not be transferred to Allsvenskan. You may think that we are kidding now when we are writing this, but it is completely true. Things you take for granted today have not always been completely obvious. This rule was removed a few years later, and games in Allsvenskan were opened to all teams in Sweden.

First Norrland team enters Allsvenskan

The first Norrland team that played in the Allsvenskan was Lycksele IF, and it was the 1955/1956 season. They played qualification to enter Allsvenskan, but they lost. We have to wait until 1965 when the first Norrland based team played “for real” in Allsvenskan. It was the club GIF Sundsvall and their season was tough. They ended up in place 12 and relegation.

The Allsvenskan expands to 14 teams

From 1973 Allsvenskan is played with two additional teams. Only one team gets relegated as the series expands this year. From Division 2 comes the teams IF Elsfborg, IF Saab, and IK Sirius. It was the winners from the respective three different series in division 2.

Game format and medals in today’s Allsvenskan

Allsvenskan is continuously developed, and the last time was in 2008 when the series increased to 16 teams.
Each team meets in double meets, and a win gives three points, a draw one point, and a loss means zero points. At season’s end, the one with the most points is the one who is the winner of the series.
Besides, to be winners, they will also be named Swedish champions of football. Get the Gold medal and Lennart Johansson’s trophy.

The team that places itself in second place get the Big Silver. The third team gets the Little Silver, and the team in the fourth place gets a Bronze.

In addition to this, the teams that fight in the top positions also compete for much more. The teams in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place get a place in the Qualifying Round 1 of Champions League.

The top three teams receive a qualifying ticket to UEFA Champions League

Allsvenskan relegations

Just as the top positions in the table get advantages, the bottom positions give disadvantages. Since 2000, Superettan is the second-highest football division in Sweden. It consists of 16 teams.
The two best teams in Superettan replace the two last teams in Allsvenskan.

The third last team in Allsvenskan, place 14, will play two matches against the team that is in place 3 in Superettan. The Superettan team has a home game in the first match. The team that wins ends up in the Allsvenskan next season.

Most successful club in Allsvenskan

Rules and medals have changed over the years, but you can ascertain that Malmö FF is the club at the top. Malmö FF took most gold medals and also most titles in the form of Swedish Champions in football in Sweden, until now. IFK Gothenburg is the club that comes in second place and IFK Norrköping in third.

Player transitions and transfer windows

In Sweden, transfer windows apply for club changes, and they follow international rules. Many clubs recruit players just from Allsvenskan, and many famous players have taken this way to great international careers. Zlatan Ibrahimović transferred to Ajax from Malmö FF in 2001 for an estimated sum of €8.25 million. It’s not a record, but at that time it was. Alexander Isak and the transition between AIK and Borussia Dortmund claim that the transfer sum is over €10 million.

Allsvenskan is a popular betting series

A lot is going on in this Swedish series, and it is popular to bet on if you like attractive odds. With many matches during the season, you can choose from a large range. Allsvenskan also has extensive media coverage, which means that every detail will come to your knowledge. Statistics are also available in detail between the teams and their form. All of this combined means that you, as a bettor, can get a good base of facts for placing your bets and find opportunities to increase your outcome for profit.

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How to make a great bet on Allsvenskan

We who bet on this series continuously know that betting companies often make mistakes setting their odds. They do not always have the opportunity to compare and analyze everything correctly. Here is also your opportunity to use better odds and see what might be a possible outcome in the match. As usual, it’s all about doing a good background job. It is required to become a successful player . If you do, you will have an excellent opportunity the match goes as you intended.

We summarize Allsvenskan

Allsvenskan, as a league, is attractive and exciting. It is also a league that has a long history of football, which makes it extra interesting. With an impressive historical background, you get a picture of the series of how it was before and until today. Both game forms and the number of teams have constantly changed until today.

If you have interest in football, you need to keep up with this series. Or maybe already have full control over it. Regardless if you just starting out, you might be interested in betting on football and get the whole Allsvenskan started with ease.

Make money when betting

Think of betting as fact is giving results. The more you know, the better you can place your bet. If you can make money from your betting, it is also more fun. If you like football, and you are good at betting, then it is a win-win. Watching the matches either on live streaming at the betting company or live on the arena makes the experience even better. Maybe you also can increase your revenue if you become better. To place bets is to develop as a player constantly. Read our guides to learn how to win more on online betting sites.