Who doesn’t love football? The Worlds #1 sport of them all. Football is played all over the world by the rich and by the poor. The beautiful game of football unites people from all over the world which is why we love it so much.

On this page you will find football news, schedules and odds for upcoming matches and much more.

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It is a little unclear where soccer started, but you know that there are similar sports from both pre-Christian to a few hundred years after Christ’s birth. When the 19th century began, soccer had established itself in England, but then there was a variation between soccer and rugby, and towards the end of the 19th century the sport took off further into the world.

1930 was the year in which the World Cup first took off and during the 20th-century soccer was correctly established. Soccer is now represented in over 200 countries and is the sport that has the most massive television audience in the world.

Today, there are many different leagues in the world that have top players and play professional soccer. Today they play in tournaments such as Euro 2020, the Champions League and of course also the Soccer World Cup. Here we look through all the leagues, tournaments and how best to bet on attractive matches.

The biggest soccer leagues

Soccer has grown tremendously in the world, and now the interest is enormous. In every part of the world, you follow your favourite local but also the most significant leagues in the world where the biggest and best soccer players are. When these come together, it’s like big party occasions where the most prominent clubs are facing each other. In venues with over a hundred thousand spectators, there is a big party and significant annual events. When it is time for the World Cup, the interest in being seen on TV worldwide culminates. Simply an even bigger soccer party.

Soccer World Championship

The World Cup is a big event and occurs every four years. This event is the largest individual sporting event and has an interest in virtually every country in the world.
The teams compete against each other for a long time. A selection process takes place where teams from each area in the world qualify against each other. In the end, 32 teams are ready to face each other in what is called the World Cup playoffs. This set of teams has changed from 32 to 48, which will be valid from 2026. The Soccer World Cup had had this scenario before when the number of teams changed from 24 to 32 in 1982.

The extension of teams will mean that as many as 80 matches play to produce a winner. When the World Cup playoffs begin, roughly a fourth of the total number of teams that participated in the qualification will is in the game. Some feel that the quality of this will decrease the game as many more teams are allowed to join the prestigious trip to the World Cup, while others think it is good that the game expands.

The World Cup plays in the middle of summer sometime in June-July.

Germany has been the most successful in the Soccer World Cup with a total of 12 medals in different denominations. Most gold has Brazil with five pieces.

Soccer Olympics

The Olympic Games is held every four years and alternate between the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics. The Soccer Olympics is a big event where many teams qualify and eventually become 32. These will then be drawn into eight groups with four teams in each, and they will face each other each time. The two who place best in each group advance in the playoffs and then lead to a winner.

European soccer championship

Soccer European Championship or UEFA European Soccer Championship, yes dear children have many names. The tournament plays every four years in Europe, and 24 teams are playing.
This event is one of the largest in Europe if you look at the number of TV viewers and sponsorship revenue. Around 600 million people saw parts of the European Championship finals in 2016. European Soccer championship is a significant proportion and makes Soccer European Championship a vast event.

The teams that have been most successful in this tournament are Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

UEFA Champions League

This tournament was previously called the European Cup. One of the biggest soccer tournaments for various club teams in Europe.
Historically, the Spanish teams have been the most successful, followed by English clubs.

Initially, this was a tournament with champion clubs, but for some time it is the result in the various European cups that decides the group play division. By and large, it is group play and final play that is about this league.

La Liga

The first division or primary division or La Liga is the highest league in Spain, and it contains 20 teams.

La Liga is one of the best football leagues in the world and then probably after that is the Premier League. Of course, some clubs stand out a little extra and the one we will bring up is Real Madrid, which has taken home a total of 33 titles.

If one does not succeed in La Liga, there will be relocation to the other division or as it is called Segunda Division.

Premier League

The Premier League is a popular title, and only a few clubs have managed to reach all the way. Only a few have won the title, but many more have competed. The Premier League is one of the most attractive leagues, and it makes sence as they have bigger TV viewers than any of the other football teams.

MLS, Major League Soccer

Now we reach the highest league in the US and Canada. Here, professional players play at a high level and you play during spring to autumn. As we all know, Zlatan Ibrahimović has played in this league as well. The question is, why did he do it? To explore the United States or to build his brand? Nobody knows this at this very moment.

Series A

Italy’s highest series. What could be more exciting and exciting? Yes, we don’t know, but we are willing to agree that Seria A delivers. An ancient series that started around 1930 and that has changed a lot over the years. At present, 20 teams are participating and the three places placed are moved down to what is called Serie B.


Bundesliga, Bundesliga. Very special when the Bundesliga starts again after the summer. In some way, it is for everyone who longed for this a real holiday. The highest league in Germany is something special and is a unique phenomenon. Interest in the Bundesliga has varied over the years. In 2009, RedBull took over RB Leipzig and had since made a serious effort to reach higher investments. Challenging Bayern Munich has always been a goal for many Bundesliga clubs.

Football Rules

For many of us, football is a game that is well known and also the penalties or rules that exist, but we still briefly address them as a little review.

The team has many different players depending on their roles and the character of the player. They talk about strikers, midfielders and defenders. Before the game itself begins, each team presents its lineup of players. You can also have a number of substitutes that can be taken in during the match, which lasts for two halves of 45 minutes each with a 15-minute break in between.

After a regular time, there is a result between the teams where what has made the most goals is winners. If the match ends in a draw, in specific tournaments, they can be extended and even penalized to get a winner.

The referee can hand out different types of warnings during the match. Firstly, tell players that their behaviour is not sporting and that they have their eyes on them.
The warning is just an oral warning. In the next step, a yellow card can be dealt and also red cards which means expulsion.

In football, you also use an offside rule which means that when the player passes the ball to another team member, several conditions need to be met, otherwise the other team is awarded a free-kick. The rule is that it is not too easy to pass or shoot the ball directly to the opponent’s team—only a rule for creating a more qualitative game in which to score goals through a well-constructed attack.