Euro 2020 predictions & betting tips

Euro 2020 predictions & betting tips

The final Euro 2020 draw has been made, and the tournament will start on the 12th of June with a kick off in Stadium Olimpico in Rome.

So, what do the groups tell us and what kind of Euro 2020 predictions can we make. We look into the teams and their achievements in history and qualifications. We analyze each group and share our thoughts.

Play off teams will make the groups complete

The six groups are not complete as four teams are still missing. They will come from the Nations League.
In total, 16 teams from the Nations League will play a tournament where four teams will be winners and will take the final four places. In which groups they will end up is already drawn. They are called play-off winner in each group. You can read all about the  tournament, details and background on our main page for UEFA Euro.

The teams that compete about the four last spots in Euro 2020 are:

  • Iceland
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Hungary
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Northern Ireland
  • Slovakia
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Israel
  • Norway
  • Serbia
  • Georgia
  • Belarus
  • North Macedonia
  • Kosovo

Euro 2020 Predictions Group A

Do we have a favourite? Of course, it must be Italy. Their qualifying game was flawless. Out of 10 matches, they won 10.
Turkey is also good and has a good defence game. In Group H they took second place with 23 points.
Do you remember Wales in Euro 2016? They reached the semi-finals and lost to Portugal 2-0.

In Group A we believe that Italy and Wales will advance.
In the third place, we probably find Switzerland, winners of their group in Nations League. Turkey is good, but if we weigh in the FIFA rankings, there is a big difference. However, Turkey had France in their qualifying group, and in one match Turkey won 2-0, and in the other, they played a draw. The results indicate that Turkey is strong. We leave it for now.

  1. Italy
  2. Wales
  3. Switzerland
  4. Turkey

Predictions Group B, Euro 2020

Belgium – they played the qualifying game without a loss and have rank one at FIFA. We leave Belgium there.
The others in this group are Denmark, Finland and Russia.

Denmark finished second in its group with great results. The best rank of these three teams. Denmark also won the European Championship in 1992 when they came in at the last second due to Yugoslavia have to leave the tournament. However, we do not think they will recreate that feat this year.
Both Finland and Russia made a good qualifier. However, we believe that Russia is stronger.

  1. Belgium
  2. Denmark
  3. Russia
  4. Finland

Predictions Group C

The Netherlands made it to the qualifying game by winning their group in the Nations League. The qualifying games went well, and they had a reasonable distance to third-placed Northern Ireland. Ukraine made a good qualifying game with a full 20 points in its qualifying group. Austria got 19 points. In this group, we also have a play-off that is not yet determined, that means three teams as below.

  1. Netherlands
  2. Ukraine
  3. Austria
  4. Play-off team winner D (A)

Predictions Group D, Euro 2020

With a third place in the Nations League and winners in their group, England came to the Euro 2020 qualifier. They also topped their group in the qualifier with 21 points. Matches for England at Wembley must be a further advantage. We think they will win this group. In the second place we see Croatia and then the Czech Republic. We also have a play-off team in this group.

  1. England
  2. Croatia
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Play-off team winner C

Predictions Group E, Euro 2020

Group E gives us the teams Spain, Sweden, Poland and Play-off winners B.
Spain is a clear favourite here. We don’t even have to discuss it. If nothing happens, they will win this group.

Then three teams remain Sweden, Poland and the Play-off winner. Poland impressed in the qualifying and Sweden also made a good result. Sweden had a little more challenging resistance with Spain. FIFA rankings for these nations are equivalent. Poland has one of the world’s best strikers, Robert Lewandowski and of course, they are dangerous. However, Sweden has played against Spain in the qualifying with both loss and a draw. They know Spain well, which can be an advantage.

  1. Spain
  2. Sweden
  3. Poland
  4. Play-off winner B

Predictions Group F, the group of death

This is the group of death. Three top teams and a play-off winner should make up for this.
Here we find no less than Portugal, France, Germany and Play-off winner A (D).
Oh, what matches we will see in these meetings. There is no doubt about this. Three teams and two places.
Sure, four additional spots are available for the top third best places in the groups. However, none of these teams wants to take a chance on that. They are in for position one or two, nothing else counts.

We decide that we set France as the winner of this group. Their team is incredibly professional, and we think they will cope with this challenge, just the right way.
As for the second place, it gets even more exciting. Will the German effective game strategy grind down the Portuguese players? Perhaps? Keep in mind that Portugal is at its best when it matters and Cristiano Ronaldo has plenty to give, not least to chase records and become the most international scorer of all time. We think Portugal will take second place this time.

  1. France
  2. Portugal
  3. Germany
  4. Play-off winner A (D)

In summary, we think this tournament will be very exciting.
Once the play-off winners are ready, by the end of March 2020, we will see the whole picture, and we can start preparing for the first matchday. We will, of course, monitor the play-off game and continously update with results, analysis and betting tips.

We will also do deep dives in each nation’s team and provide background and status so keep an eye on this page for the latest news on the European Championship 2020

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