Best paid soccer players

Best paid soccer players

It is always exciting to know how much celebrities and athletes earn, and we have the list of the five football players who earn the most. They make so much money that you can’t even imagine these big sums. It is even so much that you would be confused if we wrote out all zeros.

So, who is best paid?

The player who earns the most is Lionel Messi. He plays for FC Barcelona which is the current La Liga champions. In 2018 he earned a staggering 130 million euros. He earned 4 euros every second. On second place for best paid soccer players we find Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus from Serie A. It does not come as a shock since Ronaldo and Messi have had the first and second place for the players who earn the most for many previous years. In 2018, Ronaldo earned EUR 113 million.

In the third place, we actually fall below a 100 million. Here, we find Neymar, PSG, and he earned EUR 91.5 million which is still a lot of money. After Neymar wages drops drastically, although it is still about extremely large sums. At number four we have Antoine Griezmann, Atlético Madrid, who earned 440 million last year. Last but not least, we have Gareth Bale, Real Madrid, who drew in EUR 40.2 in 2018.

Although the fifth on the list earns more than what we mortals will earn throughout our lifetime, it is not even close to what 1-3 on this list earns. The amount of money in the football world is really absurd. Interestingly, the big differences are still visible here in the top five list. Even if Griezmann and Bale put together their wages, they do not even come close to Messi’s salary. They earn about a third as much as Messi earns and he and Ronaldo are really superior with their over EUR 100 million in salary.

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