IIHF World Junior Championship 2020 – Schedule

IIHF World Junior Championship 2020 – Schedule

Tomorrow, the IIHF Junior World Championship 2020 begins for men in ice hockey.The Junior World Championship offers top-notch entertainment as young hungry hockey talents from around the world fight for gold. A perfect way to let the Christmas food digest and celebrate the New Year.

This year’s tournament is played in the Czech Republic and the 10 teams that qualified for the top division are Canada, Kazakhstan, Russia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Germany and the USA.

The tournament is divided into two groups and the top four teams from each group advance to the quarterfinals. The matches in group A are played in Třinec and group B in Ostrava.

Game schedule for Junior World Championship 2020 Preliminary round

Entertaining hockey tournament

Even though the players in the tournament do not have a lot of experience, it is always exciting to see new talents take their place. The quality of the game is not of the same high class as in the ice hockey World Championship, but the players often offer a playfulness that is incredibly entertaining to watch.

Missing many of the best players

Just like in the Senior World Championship, many NHL players are missing as the NHL does not stop for the tournament. However, due to labor market conflicts, the NHL had a break in 1995, 2005 and 2013. This meant that many talented NHL players also participated in the tournament.

Earlier game formats in the Junior World Championship

Historically, Junior World Championship has been played as a series game until 1996 with the exception of the years 1979-1981. During these tournaments, the team was divided into two groups where the two best of each group went to the playoffs. With the 196 change, the number of teams in the top division was also increased from eight to ten.